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    How can i setup dsd+ fastlane with hackrf

    Hello Guys and good afternoon Recently I bought Hackrf one and i try to connected with DSD+ fastlane but it's not work i try to edit device number many time but it's not work sorry guys I'm new with SDR Device
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    HackRF One, GQRX & Discone.

    Hi All, I’m new to SDR and radio in general, I have a Hack RF One running through GQRX on Mac. I have a Discone antenna installed in my attic which I connect directly to my HackRF one using RG58 cable. Does anyone have any tips on optimal set up in GQRX etc? I can pick up a few signals on the...
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    HackRF One - Transmit without SDR Angel on Windows 10?

    Hello all, I'm new here and to SDR in general so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or incorrect terminology. I was wondering if anyone knows of any software other than SDR Angel that has transmit capability for the HackRF One. SDR Angel works, although it's rare and very inconsistent...
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    HackRF One & unitrunker

    Has anyone been able to get unitrunker to use a HackRF? I just got a hackRF one in today and I'm having a dog of a time trying to get it to work. I've only tried under windows so far. Unitrunker doesn't recognize it at all and sdr# so far has spit out nothing but static. I'm starting to...
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    Trunk Tracking with HackRF

    Hi there, TLDR; I have a HackRF and want to decode P25 and trunk track like a hardware scanner - what are my setup options vis a vis OS X , Windows or Linux New to the forum here so please be gentle : ) So I got a HackRF One at Christmas as I've loved fooling about with SDR dongles for ADSB...
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    Help to calculate FFT from IQ data

    Hello all, I am relatively new to digital signal processing and software defined radio. I recently purchased a HackRF one to experiment with. After going through Mike Ossmann's great video tutorial series, I decided that I wanted to play around with calculating my own frequency transform given...
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    Quickest Way to get a HackRF up and running on OS X (El Capitan)

    This is the quickest way I've found to get the HackRF One up and running on OS X El Capitan. Most of this can be ran unattended, overnight. Just make sure that you turn off any power saving mode during the install process. It took me for ever to compile gcc5 because I kept on letting my computer...
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    Uni-SDR Link v1.0.0.0

    This applications sole purpose is to allow Universal Trunker (aka Unitrunker) to control the tuning frequency of multiple individual VFO's in SDR Console v2. This is achieved by translating Unitrunker Receiver Control commands into a format accepted by SDR Console. Communication occurs over...
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    Decoding Nexa 433.92MHz Signals

    Hello. I finally managed to record some WAV files from 433.92 remote controls by using HackRF, SDR# and Audacity. X10 signals look like highs and lows and I think it will be possible to decode them. However Nexa signal looks different, more like usual sound waves. Does anyone know how to decode...
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    HackRF One And DSD+ Decoding

    Hi I now own a HackRF One I'm using DSD+ for decoding but when I use the HackRF the decoding comes back garbled. Now if I switch over and use a NooElec dongle the decoding comes in very clear same Freq it just seems that the little dongle is stronger than he HackRF One. Is there somthing I'm...
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    Hackrf + RF PA

    I have been trying to find and understand the correct information about this. I purchased a mini circuits amplifier thinking it was something else. I ended up with a Medium Power amplifier ZHL-1042. My interest was to purchase an LNA and ended up with a PA. My questions are the following: I...
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    HackRF Tools Needed

    I have my HackRF One up and running under SDRSharp and I would like to be able to use hackrf-tools under Windows 7. I cannot seem to find a compiled set of tools that work and compiling under MinGW is a nightmare. Does anyone know where I can get a compiled set of hackrf-tools that work?