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    Is there a programmable handheld version of Uniden BCT15X?

    I am using a Uniden BCT15X Trunktracker III in my office to monitor local wildfire traffic. I programmed it with FreeScan software and would like to buy a handheld version of the BCT15X that could use the same frequency/channel data files as the desktop radio. Is there a programmable handheld...
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    Bendix/King KX-99 Service Manual

    I Recently purchased a used KX-99 and needed to give it a once-over and couldn’t find the service manual until I came across this gem in the wild. If anyone needs it, here you go. Couldn’t upload the file directly since it was too big. Download
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    Need some help with UV 5R for Barrie

    I live in Barrie, Ontario and I have a Retevis UV 5R radio I got off Amazon and I was wondering if you can pick up police and fire frequencies on it? I've looked on a few websites but I can't seem to find any that work. I get confused with PL tones and how to program the radio to listen. Can...
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    Which Handheld is Best

    I am a Reserve Deputy in NC. Unfortunately, that means I get the bottom of the pile when it comes to radio equipment, so I am looking for an inexpensive handheld UHF radio to replace an old Motorola HT750. The ht750 will not transmit unless I am in the Sheriffs department, which makes it...
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    motorola ex600

    i am having difficulty with my ex600 it only shows the id of some radios even when i hear a chirp it wont display the id and i know it has to be another motorola. the other radio i am using for the test is a ex500 the only thing i can think of is that i programmed the radios wrong but i tried...