1. F

    Bendix/King KX-99 Service Manual

    I Recently purchased a used KX-99 and needed to give it a once-over and couldn’t find the service manual until I came across this gem in the wild. If anyone needs it, here you go. Couldn’t upload the file directly since it was too big. Download
  2. Motorola XPR3300 UHF (403-512 mhz) Two Way Radio (6 available)

    Motorola XPR3300 UHF (403-512 mhz) Two Way Radio (6 available)

    For Sale- XPR3300 UHF radios. $150.00 each + shipping ($15.00) Radio, antenna, battery & belt clip only. Tested, all pass basic testing. 6 units available. Bulk discounts available. Price PER radio. I also have a handful of accessories available if interested. *Used batteries carry no warranty...
  3. SOLD: Icom ID-51 Plus 2 Camo VHF/UHF HT D-Star and accessories

    SOLD: Icom ID-51 Plus 2 Camo VHF/UHF HT D-Star and accessories

    ID-51 Plus 2 Camo $315 HM-75LS Speaker Mic BC-202 Desktop 1 amp Charger BC-167SA .5 amp Charger OPC-2350LU Programming Cable Nifty Mini Manual Diamond SRHF10 stubby antenna Diamond SRH77CA 15.5" antenna Payment via paypal. I will send you a money request where you can pay with a credit card...
  4. kf6olc

    Replacement battery for old Standard C156A

    Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement battery and power cord for an old Standard C156A handheld ham Radio? Google Image Result for https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/20/Standard_C156A.jpg Thanks for any help. KF6OLC
  5. ClwnMan76

    Returning Listener - Need Advice On Scanner

    First off, I hope I got the right forum. Like many of you probably, I'm so scared to post for fear I've chosen the wrong one or didn't read all the rules correctly or something. LOL I haven't listened to a scanner for a few years now. I'm in Tampa, FL and am going to purchase a handheld...
  6. T

    Newbie...advice for handheld scanner

    I live in the UK and these days from what I've read the UK Emergency Services all use Tetra so nothing to listen to there, however I'd be interested in listening to Airband as I have a weekend house near an airfield. However I'd prefer a handheld as I do a fair amount of traveling, would like...
  7. S

    looking for a scanner

    hello, I new to this well I've played around with scanners before but now I looking to buy my own I'm looking for a handheld for mainly burlington opp but if I can mto and that to but opp will be fine I was wondering if anyone had one they are willing to sell or would know where a could get one...
  8. S

    Programming MTS2000 (newbe)

    Hello everyone, We have in our city a small club for HAM operators. The local police department has changed the radio system to tetra now so we have got all the old handheld Motorola MTS2000. None of us has ever played with that kind of radios. Can anyone point me to the right direction...
  9. T

    Any programmers of handhelds in Anchorage?

    I have a two channel Motorola Handled HT1000 radio that I would like to be programmed to scan local agencies.
  10. A

    50W vs 100W Repeater 10 Miles Radius Handheld vs Mobile Two Way Radio

    I'm trying to set up a UHF dispatching system for a non-profit emergency service in an urban setting. There will be many buildings and I will do my best to find the tallest building to install the repeater on. I was considering buying either VXR 7000 (50Watts) or VXR 9000 (100 Watts). The area...
  11. KK6JYX

    FNG with novice Q's

    I guess I'm the newest guy here. Other than getting my CM (PG00019763) back in 06 for work, I have little knowledge involving civilian radio communication. I have several questions so I guess I'll explain what I want to do first. I live in San Diego and frequently go out to our local deserts in...
  12. D

    IC-V80 powers on ... on its own

    Hello to all, I'm new to this forum so please forgive if I'm on the wrong thread. I have a brand new Icom ic-v80 that has worked perfectly well for the last months (although the battery does drain empty very quickly with the power off). But the novelty is that the handheld now powers on on...
  13. D

    Upgraded antenna, can't hear MSP?

    Hey everyone, I finally bought myself a pro-106 a few months ago, and still new to all of this. I finally have that beast tweaked out, and it works great. I took a ride over to the HRO in Salem, NH. I upgraded the rubber duck to the RH77CA Diamond antenna. I was told that this is a shifty...
  14. D

    Race Comms Setup

    Please share some advice. I'm one of the medical guys for a high school mountain bike league here in CO. We need a comm system to cover backcountry races. I'm looking for suggestions for handhelds that connect via a central repeater placed somewhere high on the course. The users of the...
  15. rfsparkz

    Newfoundland Amateur radio

    I will be travelling in Newfoundland this summer .I will be taking a Quad band handheld radio with me.I noticed in the ARRL repeater directory a listing noting a transportable frequency of 147.00 VO1NET.What is this ? I have programed all of the repeater frequencies into the radio.I will be...
  16. AYoung2600

    Portable Radio Recommendation

    I'm looking to purchase a new portable radio and am looking for the best option. This radio will mainly be used for fire department use but will also be used as a scanner. I would like a radio that the programming software is easily obtained so that I can program it whenever I would like. By...
  17. K

    Is using RTTY over FM frowned upon?

    I have developed an Arduino RTTY modulator. It generates the sounds, which would go into my handheld FM radio. I would be doing this in the experimental section of the 2m band, broadcasting my callsign, etc. I just wasn't sure if this would be allowed or frowned upon since the RTTY is still...
  18. R

    regency hx1500

    i recently have aquired an old regency hx1500. i found it as-is in a computer recycle store in the as-is section. the way it was found was with super old leaked corroded ni-cad rechargeable batteries still in it. i had taken the batteries out and cleaned the corrosion off as best i could and i...
  19. GTR8000

    346XT front case cracks

    Has anyone else had any trouble with the top corners of the front case of Uniden handhelds cracking? This thing is less than 3 months old and I've babied it since the day I took it out of the box. Never dropped it or put any stress on it, never left it in extreme cold or heat. Nothing. Then one...
  20. W

    TalkGroups on Pro-97

    I have had my Radio Shack handheld for 5 or six years but have normally just used the stalker but now I am in Carrollton, Texas and they use a trunking system. I think I have it set up right. Is there a way to see what Talkgroups are being used. I have all of them programmed in but don't know...