harris county

  1. A

    Pro-668 and Harris County, TX P25 reception ends

    I am new to this forum and radio coms in general, so please bear with me. I have had this RadioShack PRO-668 for a couple of months, and when I purchased this thing right out of the box I gave it my zip code and was receiving all of the trunking frequencies under the sun. I am also using the...
  2. R

    What is the best scanner for the Houston, tx area?

    Folks, I have been an on again-off again scanner enthusiast; My dad was a Ham radio operator and I hadan early trunked hand held scanner back around the year 2000. I don't know if it still works; the battery pack is dead, and it connected to my computer back then with a serial cable, and I...
  3. C

    Houston wrecker driver needs help with programing

    Im a wrecker driver in the houston texas area.... I have a bearcat bct8 trunk tracker and would like to know if anyone from my area has the ability to program my radio for me with all of harris county trunking system. I am willing to bring my radio to you and pay $$$ for your help. My mobile...
  4. Robert721

    Harris County and TXWARN

    This weekend there was an announcement that some towers were decommisioned and all useres were warned to use caution on the system while the changes were made. I am trying to get some information on what was going on from a source with the county. Does anyone elese have info on the changes...
  5. I

    TGRP Not Working In New Pro-106

    Hello Folks, First of all let me say that I would like to understand how to do this without software. I am a Mac and Linux guy and not particularly interested in Windows software in order to program the scanner. Also, even the Easy manual could use examples. So, I have attempted to program...
  6. T

    Pro-2096 for Houston? Best $250 Scanner Option?

    I've got a Radio shack Pro-2096 coming in to a local RS store for $250 (brand new in box) - as you know, the 2096's are being cleared out. I'm new to scanning, and want to scan all the local PD, FD, sherriff, etc. I've been looking around, and trying to figure out if the Pro-2096 is the...