1. M

    Com port not showing

    I am attempting to write to a mobile radio, XG25M, using the RPM2. I can not get the COM port/radio info to display under the connection section. The computer says the cord is working properly and it worked when reading/writing to XL portable radios. I also updated the RPM2 firmware. Does this...
  2. A

    Harris XG-75 replacement parts

    Hello guys, I currently have a Harris XG-75 radio, and it works fine. However, the lip that holds the battery is broken. When I am on-duty, I use a rubber band to hold the battery in its place. I looked everywhere (Google, e-bay) to see if I could find a defective XG-75, but with a good...
  3. Crocker_B

    Harris P5500 - SYSGRP# 0 Issue

    Hey Everyone, got a bit of a Tech Special today. So I received a Harris P5500 in the mail that seems to have a slight issue. The radio feature menu is showing "SYSGRP#0," where normally it would say SYSGRP#65535. Ive already gone through some troubleshooting steps like upgrading the feature...
  4. Harris XG100P

    Harris XG100P

    Selling my 100P… Comes with all-band antenna. Also includes OEM 100P charger, and an OEM leather shoulder holster. Comes with OEM battery. See pics for full features list, pm offers. Listed at “eBay prices”, but all reasonable offers considered! Wide-banded, P25C, Trunking, PII, All bands...
  5. C

    XG100P FW & power-up channel

    Happy New Year, everyone! I’ve got an XG100P with FW XLP R02A28 (last programmed via RPM 14C05) that reverts to zone 1, channel 1 each time it gets turned off and on again. The only way to circumvent this is to program the system I want to use into the ABC switch, but I change systems...
  6. brian86

    CS7000 w/M7300 No Audio Issue

    I have Several New Harris CS7000 Control Stations and several M7300 and XG-75M Mobiles. I seem to be having an issues with audio when connecting the M7300's and XG-75M's to the CS7000. The audio is hit or miss but mostly all that is heard is a light popping in the CS7000 speaker no other radio...
  7. R

    Harris RPM (How to import and export data)

    Hello All, This is my first thread started here or anywhere on the internet! Thanks for all your input in advance. I am trying to figure out how to import and export data in RPM 14. Whenever I use the data extractor the files all come out as .csv which is great, however I can't seem to figure...
  8. T

    Help identifying this radio tone

    Heard this set of tones on a Harris radio on the NJICS system for dispatching an EMS agency. Does anyone know what tone set this is and where I can find a clearer copy? https://dl.sndup.net/mb64/RadioRef_34_Tone_Upload.mp3
  9. S

    Encryption Changes w/ Migration To Motorola

    Hi, I'm starting to notice that a lot of agencies in Florida are slowly migrating over from Harris radios to Motorolas (portable-wise). I'm not sure whether or not it means they need to create an entire new TRS (not referring to the sites ?), I have no idea how what works. My question is -...
  10. vin00011

    Harris prc-152

    Hi all. I found a large bunch of Harris prs-152 devices on eBay for the ridiculous price of $300. Is it a joke for Harris to sell a military radio for that price? prc 152 radio for sale | eBay
  11. T

    Charlotte County P25 (00A.92912)

    Charlotte County TRS database discrepancy: 1551 60f D IT TAC 1 IT-TAC-1 Public Works 1552 610 D IT TAC 1 IT-TAC-2 Public Works 1553 611 D IT TAC 1 IT-TAC-3 Public Works 1554 612 D IT TAC 1 IT-TAC-4 Public Works
  12. C

    Harris XL-200P Programming trouble

    Hello all, I’m trying to just program in some channels for receiving my local ems agency as well as repeaters and simplex T/A channels. I just started with trying to do the ems agency ones for receive only. The channels are analog conventional. I have 1 Zone, 1 System, and 1 Conventional Set...
  13. Joshua_Zetlaw

    Harris XG-100P

    Hello group, On the XG-100 conv P25 channel there’s the option to add a TGID. However we don’t use TG on this particular repeater. I’d like to replace the PTT TO CALL: “DEFAULT” to something else other than “DEFAULT”. Reading the help files, it says something about changing to “Channel” in...
  14. S

    CCSO - Harris Dynamically Changing P25-I/P25-II System On Motorola

    Hi all, I am a resident of Lee County - which is mostly encrypted. I recently found out I am within range of a neighboring county, Charlotte County, and their communications are 100% unencrypted. The issue? They are on a Harris Dynamically Changing P25-I/P25-II system. Is this something that...


    For sale is a Harris XG-75 full keypad radio, radio works and functions fine. However, it does have scratches on the radio. Asking for $550.00 or best offer, it comes with the radio and antenna.
  16. A

    RPM2 without ASK

    Hello, I am looking into purchasing RPM2 to program our agencies do-75 radios. I know with CPS I am able to change the order of zones and add conventional frequencies even without a ASK. Is this possible with RPM2? Or do I require an ASK even to change the order of talk groups within zones /...
  17. T

    Harris XG-100P cup holder stand?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone use or know of any cup holder type holders for the XG-100P? I place my radio in my cup holder often but it moves around a lot, especially when going around corners and such. I’ve seen many 3D printed cup holder stands for other radios and scanners, but I haven’t been...
  18. M

    Harris radio PRC-117F

    Does any one have any experience repairing/troubleshooting a Harris radio PRC-117F? The keyboard Display unit(KDU) is stuck on the the Harris logo screen. I’ve tried restarting the radio and the same result.
  19. KB3ZWI

    Unity XG-100 T99 Decode - Invalid Channel Feature

    Would it be possible for a Unity XG-100 to not have the T99 Decode function? Or is that a standard feature? I have it set up but I get an invalid channel feature. I also have one of the side buttons set to "monitor / clear". Thank you for the guidance. Here's what I have: RPM: Radio...
  20. Harris XG-100M Multi Band Radio w/ Phase II ***SOLD***

    Harris XG-100M Multi Band Radio w/ Phase II ***SOLD***

    Excellent condition Harris XG100M, Multi band radio, with Phase II enabled. Low band, VHF, UHF, 700/800 Radio Package includes: XG-100M main deck, w/ mounting bracket, and power connector CH-721 control head w/ mounting bracket, and power connector 30 foot CAN control cable External Speaker New...