1. SOLD:  David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation Headset - New

    SOLD: David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation Headset - New

    For Sale: New-in-Box David Clark H10-13.4 aviation headset with two standard general aviation audio (.250" PJ-055) and microphone (.206" M642/PJ-068) plugs. Never used or removed from box. The legendary H10-13.4 is David Clark’s lightest headset, and a great choice for pilots of all levels. It...
  2. radios4racing

    Multi-ptt headset for NX-200

    Hi, I am new here and I am searching for information of how to make/wire a multi ptt headset (3 button) and how to program the kenwood NX-200 to work with such headset. Any pointers on where to find this info would be greatly apreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. G

    Race Headsets

    What is everyone using for race headsets? I am looking to get a new headset for the races this year, my old radio shack ones are wore out. What do you use and like? I am considering a spotter type headset so I can use my portable HT and communicate with my wife with the headset on at the...
  4. C

    Dispatch Console Wireless Headset Setup Questions

    Hoping somebody can help me on here with a new setup for our consoles at the PSAP I work at. I work at a small PSAP in New Jersey that has 3 identical dispatching consoles. We currently use the Zetron 4118 Dispatch console. We are trying to figure out a way to upgrade and/or improve our...
  5. Samg381

    Thales Liberty - Heavy Duty Headset

    I own several (discontinued) Thales Liberty radios. I am looking for an over-the-ear PTT headset. I have contacted Thales, who confirmed that their remaining stock of accessories is gone. Pictured above is the listing for the Thales model. I know for certain all Thales audio accessories were...
  6. BlueDevil

    Heavy Duty Headset for BK KNG Radio

    I am looking for some heavy duty single muff headsets that we can use with our BK KNG-P150 radios. It is very difficulty to find headsets that are compatible with the KNG style accessory port. I would even be staffed with finding an adapter that would attach to the KNG and convert the accessory...
  7. A

    Yaesu: which headset for Yaesu FTM-400?

    Wanted to get a headset for my Yaesu FTM-400XDR (mobile, dual band). HRO said there's nothing available as just a headset. They said you have to buy a Heil headset & get the appropriate adapters but they didn't know which headset nor which adapters. Does anyone know what I can buy to get this...
  8. jmedlin6

    Telex Magnacom

    We purchased a used fire engine that came with a Telex Magnacom system. We want to hook it up to our Kenwood Mobile radio that we have, but can't seem to find any info on it. Can anyone shed some light on it?
  9. R

    motorola pm400

    I am looking for some information. I have a PM400 from my local Sheriff's Office that we are going to use in the Airplane so the tactical flight officer (TFO) can communicate with deputies on the ground. I am looking for some options to integrate the hmn3596a output microphone into a...
  10. AE7BF

    Yaesu: Yaesu FT2D Headset Adapter

    First off I did some searching through the forums and can't see that anyone has asked this before which surprised me because I can't be the first but I apologize in advance if I missed it in my searching. So I have purchased this radio and right now just use it for listening, (scheduled to take...
  11. C

    High School Football Coaches Headset Radio Frequencies?

    Are there certain common frequencies that their wireless headsets use? How can we listen in (eavesdrop) with a scanner in the stands? Or do they encrypt their signals?
  12. T

    Headset PTT adapter

    Have a standard Cobra CB radio with a 4 pin mic on the front. Would like to remove the mic and attach a kenwood or icom type headset. Does anyone know if there is an adapter available or if one could be rigged up? There is a 3.5mm male and a 2.5mm male on the kenwood headset. I assume i need a 4...
  13. R

    MCC7500 with VPM - Multiple gooseneck mics

    My dispatch center is about to go live with 6 mcc consoles with vpms. I wanted to know if anybody has tried to use more than one gooseneck on this system. I know the vpm has only one mic input, but i've thought about modifying the headset jacks db15 connector for use with a second microphone...
  14. W

    Intercom Mic (.206) Wiring

    I was hoping to make a little adapter to play music on my intercom system for long cross country flights. I found a .206" plug. (http://www.aircraftspruce.com/pdf/2012Individual/Cat12649.pdf No.11-00702) My plan is to solder a wire and 1/8" standard headphone plug to this. First off will this...
  15. L

    MTS2000 Headset

    Hello all, I recently purchased some surplus MTS2000 radios to use around the job site. They seem to work great, however I am having a problem getting a headset to work correctly. I purchased one of these: Wire Ear Mic Heavy Duty Large PTT for Motorola HT1000 - eBay (item 390067401828 end time...