help programming

  1. D


    Uniden Users: Who can help me program my BCD325P2 for CPD Districts 1 and 5? It changed about a year ago. - Deb
  2. V

    Pro-651: Need help with receiving Pinellas County P25

    Hey guys need some help with my scanner. For some odd reason I have programed all of the Pinellas County P25 Control and Secondary control channels and I only tend to receive reception in my apartment and my deck (Sometimes) Scanner shows it has a good signal and is receiving the trucking datta...
  3. Chevytruckin365

    Help with BCT15X

    Hello all I am seeking help with BCT15X recently new purchase via E bay (I know) I need help setting this thing up apparently it is childproof is there any one close by Kyle, Austin, San Marcos that can help heck i'll even go to San Antonio or come to me I'll Pay reasonable rate of course. Of...