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  1. N

    HP-2: Home Patrol 2 with broken serial port

    I have a Home Patrol 2 that the plastic housing on the serial port broke when the cable got yanked out accidentally. The cable will no longer stay seated and does not appear to be making a good connection when held in place. The radio is well out of the warranty period. I remember reading on...
  2. N

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Poor reception, programming concerns

    This is my first time posting so I will try and include as much information as possible. Recently I purchased a Uniden BCD436HP, 100ft of LMR-400, and a tram 1410 disc cone antenna. After receiving the Uniden I connected it to the antenna approximately 25 ft above ground. I updated the...
  3. B

    HomePatrol Antenna Upgrade

    I have a Uniden Home Patrol in my house and am having difficulty receiving signals from an adjoining county which uses a digital trunked non-encrypted system. I had it professionally programmed and occasionally get signals from multiple agencies but they are choppy and unintelligible. Does...
  4. R

    Home Patrol Priority Channel

    Any possibility of priority channels being included in a software update for Home Patrol scanners?
  5. dbsar

    HP-2: How & where to purchase HP2

    I intend to buy a Home Patrol 2, and want the extreme upgrade. Checking several sites for purchase. If the site doesn’t list the extreme upgrade as an option, can I purchase this somewhere on the web ? I’m assuming it’s just a download that gives the included software more functionality. I also...
  6. W

    What adapter do I need for the Home Patrol 1???

    I'm trying to replace the stock antenna on my home patrol 1. I went to Radio shack and purchased a 800mhz Handheld scanner without doing any research at all. Well come to find out I bought an antenna with a BNC connector. The Home Patrol seems to have a SMA connection. I came on here and saw...
  7. W

    Home Patrol 1 Help

    I purchased a home patrol 1 scanner that I'm really excited about getting. I choose this one because it looked pretty simple to use. I live in Wayne County, MI and I'm hoping to listen to Westland PD and FD, along with some surrounding cities. I've done so researched and saw that Livonia and...
  8. Astrogoth13

    HP-2: HP-2 Goods and bads

    Well, I just got my HP-2 via UPS yesterday. It came in a surprisingly small box the size of two bricks in a pile. The unit itself is very well made and feels it. The big display is not the best but works well for what it tries to do. The antenna connector is sturdy and the battery compartment is...
  9. K

    HP-2: Secret Service

    The president is in town and I was trying to listen to any activity on my HP-2. I see in RadioReference that there are Secret Service frequencies but I cannot find them in the Homepatrol database. Are they there and I just haven't seen them or will I have to use Sentinel and manually add them...
  10. emcomm

    Central Florida / Orange - Seminole

    Hi, I used to live in Seminole County and East Orange County. If I go visit today, I know everything is trunked. If I had a Bearcat BCD436HP (homepatrol with Phase II), would this work to pick up Seminole / Orange County ? What about Orlando? I'm intrigued by the "enter your zip code" and it...
  11. R

    Home Patrol 1 adding new digital channels manually?

    The Bellefontaine, Ohio, city police department switched to a digital frequency yesterday (July 18, 2014) and I need to add the new digital channel into my Uniden Home Patrol 1 scanner. I added other local digital signals through the database but was wondering if there is a way to manually input...
  12. beischel

    Home Patrol and Cincinnati/Hamilton County P25 System

    I have had nothing but issues using Uniden scanners with the Cincinnati/Hamilton County P25 system. Years ago I purchased a 996 and went through all the Uniden experimentation with firmware upgrades, constant adjustment to settings trying to get it to decode the P25 transmissions properly. I...
  13. F

    Home Patrol Multi-Site Site Selection

    Hello All, Just got my HomePatrol, and I love it. I can't figure out how to manually select which site to listen to in a multi-site Motorola trunked system. I get that it chooses sites based on location, but what if I want to override that and manually choose which sites it scans and which it...
  14. Danny37

    Is a second generation of homepatrol set to be released?

    When looking at the exterior design of the homepatrol-1, you can't help but notice its major design flaws with the volume rocker and power button being on the side rather than the front. This makes it not very mobile friendly as it is nearly impossible to mount it in a car. Is there any news on...
  15. W

    Best portable to match with home patrol

    Have the HP1 and love it but it is a tad to bulky to carry, so I would like to get another portable to use with similar features or at least some ease of use. My wish list is that it can download and hold lists, and that it gets the same radio systems as HP, and finally you don't need a masters...
  16. A

    Just bought a Home Patrol, but thinking of getting a Pro-106 before 30 day return

    Hello, I would like to first introduce myself as a newcomer to scanners, as its taken a while for me to save enough money for a good scanner. I also recently acquired a job at Radio Shack which of course grants me a discount on most items (partly just to get myself a scanner ;-) ). After months...
  17. A

    Used PSR-800 but concerned about GRE's restart.

    I found a used PSR-800 for $300.00. It looks brand new and the owner has taken great care of it. This will be my first scanner. My biggest concern is support. Would I be better of getting a uniden HP that has a warranty that I know will be covered, am is everyone confident that GRE will be...
  18. C

    Is the Home Patrol Worth getting in my area?

    I live in claremore oklahoma and i am currently using the Uniden BCT-8 to broadcast my feed. But i am thinking about ordering the Home Patrol-1. Now i am wondering if there is any benefit in my area to getting/Using the Home Patrol-1. My immediate area is on the LTR network (Claremore Police)...
  19. N

    City of WIlmington

    Ok, so I have gotten help with this problem before, but the solution has sent me past that point...... As some people have also experienced on the Home Patrol, Wilmington would not scan (yes I am within the city limits) - so I think it was audiodave (thanks by the way) who suggest that I turn...
  20. K4AOL

    Homepatrol files

    Anyone in cook or dupage that can post thier favorites files on carma or homepatrol yahoo groups, just building mine would like to see how others build thiers?