1. scanthewaves

    Ambulance EMS frequencies in Kleberg County?

    I see EMS ambulances on the way to Spohn Kingsville.almost daily, but I can't find any EMS to hospital frequencies in the RR database, I monitored VHF EMS to hospital freqs but nothing, haven't tried the UHF frequencies, Also I see that Sensible Ambulance seems to be the main company in the...
  2. BlueDevil

    Motorola MTR2000 with Zetron HEAR Decoder Failure

    The local hospital is experiencing a failure with their HEAR (Hospital Emergency Administrative Radio) system. The system consists of a Motorola MTR2000 base station radio, a Zetron H.E.A.R Decoder, and a Zetron Model 284 tone remote unit. The issue is that received audio is not making it to the...
  3. B

    Philadelphia Medic Reports

    I recently began scanning in Philadelphia and seem to be having trouble picking up the Ambulance-Hospital reports. My scanner (WS1065) is receiving signal from the city trunked system as I am picking up police/fire dispatch fine, but for ambulance reports, there is essentially nothing coming...
  4. dnadareski

    SDS200 DMR with a Control Channel?

    I have a SDS200 with DMR key activated. I programmed Leominster, MA UMASS Hospital with the 14 frequencies found on FCC Website. I set it up as conventional and I hear a control channel. I also hear the staff talking on some of the other frequencies and it shows as DMR with Slots 1 and 2...
  5. radioguy224


    so in new milford hospital system the color code is 0 and then when i put it in my scanner it comes up with color code 7 so i am looking to see what is the correct color code
  6. W

    Carolina East Medical Center

    Is there anyone in the New Bern area that could monitor the following frequencies and determine what, if any, traffic you hear? 157.740 FM 456.2375 NFM 456.3875 NFM 457.0375 NFM 463.625 NFM 464.825 NFM Thanks!
  7. P

    MetroHealth Police - What's Going On?

    Hi all, Over the past month or so, I have taken interest in monitoring MetroHealth Medical Center Police on either 461.35000 or 461.43750 (they seem to change up frequencies sometimes). However, l scanned them last evening from about 6:00 PM to midnight and did not hear a peep out of either...
  8. anthonymodrow

    HCMC and ambulance streams

    Anyone able to put a feed online for HCMC area hospitals and medicals online?
  9. K

    Columbus Regional Hospital

    Hello all...The freq for CRH used to be 463.625 when I worked there. Anyone know the freq now so I can monitor the security dept?
  10. H

    800MHz for Hospital Frequencies

    I live in Scott City, KS, and I know that the EMS here has purchased the new radios with the 800 MHz frequency. However, no one seems to know what it is, not even the EMS director. I can't find it anywhere on the internet. Anybody have a clue how to find out?
  11. P

    Hospital to EMS

    any chance that someone has Laporte County EMS frequencies?? I have some..but looking for bambulance to hospital. there a good explanation of programming the Pro-96 besides the book that came with it? It seems I just am not getting the programming thing to well.