1. B

    HP-1: Homepatrol-1 reception issues

    Hello, I have a used homepatrol-1, fresh updated firmware and database. I'm in the Itasca County MN area, they use a 800mhz simulcast P25 trunked system. I'll start with saying when I first got the scanner I received most ok on the stock antenna. Weather channel was full signal and only...
  2. KQA726

    HP-1: HomePatrol 1 Newbie

    Hello, been a Uniden BC396T and BC396XT user for some time, but, just took the jump to a HP1. I programmed the BC396T and XT "by hand" without a computer. Can any Micro USB cable be used with the HP1, or does it have to be a 'special cable' with a chip as it appears I will need software to...
  3. centauri61032

    HP-1: HP1 - Real Time Clock battery

    Hey all! Has anyone ever replaced the RTC battery in their HP-1? My HP asks for a time set every time I turn it on. I opened it up, and found the RTC battery. And it shows signs of corrosion, so I think it's time to change it out. Uniden does spot-weld this battery into place. But it was easy to...
  4. U

    Lyons / Cook County / Lake County

    Next week I will be spending a few days working in Lyons, IL, and staying at a hotel near Midway. I also plan to visit some family in Round Lake at some point. I have a Home Patrol 1, and a Unication G4. Main listening interest is with public safety, primarily police. Should I pack both the...
  5. K

    HP 1 question

    Hi, I have an hp1, one thing that I have come across is that if I have two different agencies on the same freq. just different pl or dcs codes why does the scanner pick up both no matter what freq it is on. Example, my local rural fire for Eau Claire County WI is 154.445 dcs 445 Jackson County...
  6. G

    Help Connect GPS to Home Patrol 1

    I am trying to figure out "how to" connect a gps to an HP1. I can't find it in the manual or searching this forum. I have a Garmin 1490. Any help, links, or tips is certainly appreciated.
  7. F

    Home Patrol Multi-Site Site Selection

    Hello All, Just got my HomePatrol, and I love it. I can't figure out how to manually select which site to listen to in a multi-site Motorola trunked system. I get that it chooses sites based on location, but what if I want to override that and manually choose which sites it scans and which it...
  8. R

    Uniden HP-1 Location Control?

    I'm a little stumped as to what the "location control" toggle on a favorites list actually does. I found nothing in either the regular nor extreme manuals, and the information on the radio through the onboard help really isn't clear to me. Wondering if anyone understands what this toggle truly...
  9. OCO

    Power Patrol and HP1 2.0 support

    Note statement from Assaf ...from his forum . Very understandable with all the new features. (and I was just getting comfortable using PP...:( ) Thanks Assaf for the heads up, anyone using PP now should read and heed..
  10. KC1UA

    Home Patrol Out Of The Box Quickie Review

    I received my Home Patrol today from Jeff at the Hamstation. Jeff contacted me quite a while ago when the HP release date became available to him, and advised me that I was at the top of the list if I wanted to be. I gave it a little thought and decided to take the plunge. Here's a shameless...