1. S

    HP-2: HomePatrol 2 SD CARD FAILURE (PATTERN ?)

    About a year ago I purchased a HP2 new and within a couple of weeks the SD card failed as many have been reported here. I replaced it with a 8GB and it worked fine for several months. NOW..........Perhaps a coincidence ??? When the first one failed I had been recording/playing back radio...
  2. D

    HP-2: Not Picking Up Detroit & Other Locals

    All. I recently purchased the HP-II to specifically listen to Detroit Michigan police and the local surrounding communities. I've tried entering both the city name and zip code and lat. & long but still I can not pick up Detroit. When I listen via my app on my IOS device I hear all kinds of...
  3. Astrogoth13

    HP-2: Features you want in new firmware?

    - Selectable delay on a per channel basis, just like scan lockout. - A scan button. - A large font clock. - A battery charging option for higher capacity rechargeable batteries - Priority feature What options do you want to see in the next firmware update? Please add them below...
  4. Astrogoth13

    HP-2: HP-2 Goods and bads

    Well, I just got my HP-2 via UPS yesterday. It came in a surprisingly small box the size of two bricks in a pile. The unit itself is very well made and feels it. The big display is not the best but works well for what it tries to do. The antenna connector is sturdy and the battery compartment is...
  5. W

    HP2 Alert tones

    Is there any way to "preview" the alert tones available on the HP2. I'd like to hear what my options are.
  6. K

    HP-2: Pre-install for Win10?

    My HP-2 was just delivered and I am hoping to fend off some of the USB issues I am reading about. I have a current model ASUS laptop that came with Win10x64. I just returned a RS Pro-668 for the driver issues among others. I removed all the 668 drivers and software. I cleaned up all the port...
  7. V

    Serial mode in HP2

    Good afternoon everyone ! Recently bought a HP2. Does it have Serial mode? If so, how to enable it ?
  8. W

    BCD996P2: Sharing files between Uniden scanners

    Once I get the info formatted that I'd like to scan, can I copy and share my favorite files, systems, departments, etc between my BCD996P2, My HP-2 and my BCD436HP so I don't always have to individually amend them? Any tips for minimizing the workload? I use BUTEL software for all three. Terry
  9. W

    HP-2: External Speaker options

    What are people doing for external speakers on the HP-2? Is my only option a DC powered amplified speaker connected to the Line Out or Headphone jack?
  10. C

    ARC-PATROL and HP2 Virtual Control

    Any help getting the HP2 to work with USB / Serial for Arc-Patrol Virtual Control (3.1 bld 3.) Windows 8.1 and device manager will NEVER update the driver, always shows warning symbol The ARC-Patrol is very very at documentation and the interface is clunky, so any help would be great for the...
  11. sailor34957

    Received my HP 2 and love it

    Thanks to all I read on this forum I chose to purchase a HP2. It was $629 on Amazon and shipped form BetterWayToBuy Monday. Arrive my house in Raleigh two days later. Could not be happier. Also after doing all the research in this forum and the internet I felt very comfortable setting it up...