1. J

    Will Hytera Ever Make A Dual Band Radio?

    I know I can't be alone in wondering if Hytera will ever produce a dual band radio. I would especially love to see a version of the PD782 or PD982 that has both UHF and VHF capability. And certainly I'd like to see a mobile rig from them that does the same. I understand why they haven't gotten...
  2. colfax13

    PD-782 U5 to 33cm Ham Band (900mhz)

    Has anyone been able to hack the PD-782 U5 to allow for the 33cm ham band? I recently purchased a used (new in open box) PD-782, and am trying to get to setup for a 900mhz DMR repeater I’m trying to build. I have a couple XPR-6580s now, but would like to add a Hytera to my existing PD-982 and...
  3. M

    Oil & Gas Portables / Radio Systems

    We're looking at a radio system upgrade and I'm curious at what others in the Oil & Gas industry are using. We're familiar with Motorola XPR7580s on a Cap Max trunked system, and even APX4000s on an Astro25 System. Anyone using Kenwood, VF Johnson, Hytera, or even Tait? They obviously need to...
  4. H

    SDS100E/SDS200E supports Hytera 10 encryption key?

    Hello, I have a valid, permanent and legal encryption key (Hytera 10) of my work DMR system (single DMR frequency), i was wondering - is there an option to insert that encryption key on an SDS100E / SDS200E scanners so they can decrypt the incoming signal? Thank You :)
  5. Hytera PC45 Programming Cable

    Hytera PC45 Programming Cable

    Hytera PC45 Programming Cable. I used it with my PD682 which is now up for sale. USPS Priority Shipping for lower 48. Payment via PayPal Only. No Facebook or Venmo.
  6. SOLD-Hytera PD682 UHF 400-527

    SOLD-Hytera PD682 UHF 400-527

    I bought this as a personal gift. In the process of writing a new codeplug to it, windows disconnected the USB port and it bricked the radio. I sent it to my local shop with no success and im not sending it to the factory. Audio will pass on transmit however it will not receive any or make any...
  7. E

    Custom Tones

    I tried looking and searching all around but with no success, I'm trying to create/copy the alert from a Motorola radio to an Hytera radio I wanna have the alert sound (Alert #7) from Motorola in my Hytera radio I need the Frequency [Hz] from that tone Does anyone know the frequency or how I...
  8. I

    Hytera /Anytone dmr compatibility

    Hi myself and our shooting buddies all used to use Hyteras in the field/woods on low power simplex mode mainly so we didn't shoot each other. Most of us have pd785 as they are lovely radios easy to prog and use. However due to the extortionate price we are gradually ditching them for Anytone...


    For sale is a TYT MD-380 UHF DMR HT. This radio is loaded up with the latest MD380 Tools custom firmware. Still has factory screen protector on it. Comes With: Radio Stock UHF Antenna Charging Dock and DC Adapter Programming Cable $50 via PayPal, Shipped USPS Priority insured. I will send a...
  10. SOLD Hytera PD782G DMR Analog UHF

    SOLD Hytera PD782G DMR Analog UHF

    Hytera PD782G, 400-470 MHz, firmware A9.00.04.605iM 1 Desktop Charger Programming Cable Speaker Microphone Nagoya Antenna 8" Comet Antenna 16" I'll send you a link to download the CPS software from my website. HT is wide band enabled. Hytera HTs are high quality radios and are used in Public...
  11. M

    Hytera X1p - Private Calls Not Triggering

    I'm told others were having the same issue - using HDC, I tried to initiate a Call Alert/Private Call fro a Motorola HT portable to a Hytera X1pi, using an individual unique 4 digit HDC ID. The radio doesn't decode it...but it does decode Selective Calls to a group and the ID directly no...
  12. E

    Hytera Custom Tones

    Hi Guys, Im looking for some ideas for alert tones for emergency and attention for our control station, any suggestions? (at 1:36 sec an alert at the dispatcher goes off I sort off like it :) ) (same alert tone as above) (the tone at 0:02 and 0:04) (attention tone 0:39 to 0:40) Also...
  13. J

    TC-780 2 Tone Paging

    I am trying to program several HYT TC-780 radios. I was told by the dealer that I purchased the radios from that the radios are capable of having a 2 tone pager that is closed (will not broadcast audio until a call is received) however I have not been able to find out how to program this. Any...
  14. B

    PD705 Read Password

    Hi, I'm trying to programme some PD705's at work, but the previous person to have programmed them has left a read password on. I've tried the obvious 1234....etc and tried the "Reset Default Data" menu option but it displays an error message of "Read Default File Error" Does anyone have any...
  15. B

    Hytera MD-652 Question

    How do i get this mobile to turn off and on whenever i turn my vehicle off and on? I know this sounds lazy but i do get tired of turning this radio on and off everytime i get in and out of the vehicle. I know i would have to wire the radio into a 12 volt hot wire that would be controlled by...
  16. R

    Out of band config

    Hello, Anyone know how to edit config files in CPS to allow a PD782 to operate below 450 MHz? I'm looking at 400 to 430... Thanks
  17. K

    need pinout for tm-800 15 pin acc. port

    I am needing a pinout of the 15 pin accessory port on the back of the hytera tm-800 mobile radio, we are installing a new intercom system in one of the fire trucks in the volunteer fire department that i am on, I have a pinout of the intercom system's radio link port, I just need to match it up...
  18. fireradio

    Single Frequency Repeater

    I am just dipping my toe into the DMR waters, and I am extremely interested in the new "Single Frequency Repeater" (SFR) functionality offered by Hytera's PD982. This feature alone is making me consider heavily investing in Hytera for the "fleet" of radios I'm attempting to assemble. Has anyone...
  19. B

    HYT TC-500S U(2)

    I have come by 5 of these little jewels and have no software to support them. Can anybody shed some light on this product Thanks BC
  20. romanr

    Hytera PD-782G FPP on Analog Channels

    My understanding of FPP on the Hytera PD-782G is that TX/RX frequencies can only be modified on Digital Channels. Indeed, as I look at the literature available on their FPP, it appears that only the CTCSS/CDCSS mode and CTCSS frequencies can be changed on Analog Channels. I can find nothing...