1. S

    Kencom Police dispatch

    Hey guys, i was wondering if someone would be able to tell me what channel is actually P1, P2, & P3. Also what frequency does Oswego use to communicate with the Front desk at their office? Im trying to program my radio and i want the best results to be able to hear everything. Also would Kencom...
  2. B

    Unable to Receive Illinois DUCOMM

    I used Freescan to load DUCOMM frequencies into Uniden BCD396XT which uses Starcom21. They are in the unit, but there is no audio. I downloaded the data from radio reference database. Does anyone know if they are complete or correct since I cannot located any comments. Thank you.
  3. WX9RLT

    Comed Building Fire In Rockford

    Video of the Comed Building Fire in Rockford and info. Video ~ Rockford Scanner ~ ComEd Building Fire In Rockford, Illinois on 11/30/2013 - YouTube More info ~ Comed Building Is On Fire In Rockford | Rockford Scanner
  4. mgoday

    Tactical channel question

    Lansing, IL - PD has a tac channel on 155.040 (as listed in the RR database). When they go to that channel, I hear one of the automated weather channels with the PD at a much lower level underneath. I'm using a Uniden BC355N. I would appreciate any tips on how to filter out / separate the two...
  5. S

    Kendall County Sheriff's Department

    hey there! i was wondering if anyone knew what frequency the Kendall county sheriff's department is now on? I cant seem to find it and haven't heard them in a long time on 453.47500. Does anyone know what they switched to? Thanks!
  6. WX9RLT

    Fatal Shooting In Rockford

    Fatal Shooting In Rockford ~ Fatal Shooting On College ave | Rockford Scanner
  7. C

    Vermilion Co Highway switched to TRBO?

    I'm hearing TRBO on 156.180 from Urbana. Wondering if the highway department has switched to TRBO? The FCC licnese has an emission code for MOTOTRBO.
  8. WX9RLT

    Rockfords First Murder of 2013

    Rockfords First Murder of 2013 One Person Dead, Shooting On Underwood | Rockford Scanner
  9. C

    ClearTalk MOTOTRBO Connect Plus TRS

    I'm hearing a new Connect Plus 800 MHz system in Normal and Congerville. These are on frequencies licensed to Illinois Cooperative dba Clear Talk. There is always a constant control channel and then other TRBO voice channels that occasionally transmit. Initially, I put these control channels...
  10. GTR8000

    Chicago Granted a 2 Year Narrowbanding Wavier by FCC

    The city applied for an 2 year narrowbanding waiver in May, which was granted by the FCC. The waiver affects numerous VHF and UHF frequencies throughout the city used by Medical response teams, Street and Sanitation, and VHF conventional stand-alone systems. They now have until January 1, 2015...
  11. S

    Kendall County sheriff

    Does anyone know if Kendall County Sheriff's dispatch changed their frequency? I haven't picked anything up in about an hour. Was wondering if they may have switched frequencies. The frequency i currently have is 460.52500 please let me know! thank you
  12. T

    Best Antenna?

    Looking for some input. I'm a Sheriff's Deputy working in northern Illinois. I've been carrying a GRE PSR500 in my squad for several years now (listen to State Police, local towns...wide range from conventional uhf/vhf to digital and trunked systems). When I first started carrying the...
  13. WX9RLT

    Couple House Fires

    Here are a couple house fires in the Rockford Area ~ #1 ~ Loves Park House Fire (Video & Photos) | Rockford Scanner #2 ~ House Fire On Van Stone ~ Machesney Park (PHOTOS/VIDEO) | Rockford Scanner Reminder: As it gets cold, make sure you do routine maintenance on your furnace, change...
  14. C

    Vermilion County now dispatching Ford County??

    I was listening to Vermilion Co Shf 155.430 tonight and they were dispatching some "Ford County" units -- ex. Ford County 8, Ford County 17, Ford County 19, Ford County 12. So is Ford County Sheriff now being dispatched by Vermilion County on the Vermilion County repeater? Are they also still...
  15. owenmcc1

    BCT15 problem/question

    I recently purchased a used BCT15, and already it appears I may have a problem. But rather than jump to conclusions, I thought I'd check and see if anyone else has had the same problem. When it stops on one of the channels I have programmed in, it acts like it loses signal right in the middle...
  16. C

    Cole County Dispatch Tones

    Does anyone have the dispatch tones for Dunn's ambulance in Mattoon, IL?
  17. rk911

    2012 WCRA Mid-Winter Hamfest - St. Charles, IL

    2012 WCRA Mid-Winter Hamfest Announcement WCRA MID-WINTER HAMFEST Sunday, January 22, 2012 The 2012 WCRA Mid-Winter Hamfest will be held at the Kane County Fairgrounds Exposition Center in St. Charles, Illinois on Sunday, January 22, 2012. This is the same location as last year! We’re...
  18. C

    SMTD 453.525 PL tone

    I was looking through my logs while searching at the LPGA tournament and found 453.525 192.8. The database lists the output PL as CSQ. Is the database wrong? I also logged 453.375 192.8 via Search and Store as well.
  19. WX9RLT

    Rockford Scanner

    (Mods, Please Sticky) Rockford Scanner is a website that scanner hobbyist can get together and listen to live scanner audio (from RR) and get freq. and codes. It is a scanner club, for everyone in and around the Rockford area. Check it out at Rockford Scanner Already 17 members, and more...
  20. R

    nycomco programming

    I just got a new Uniden BCD396XT scanner and I have send 22 hrs trying to program it. I wanted to test the unit and hear some of the EDACS off the illinois moutain tower. I have attached a .jpg of the screen shot of the scancat-lite software I used to program the unit. Can anyone see what I...