1. C

    MOTOTRBO 158.805 east central IL

    Heard 158.805 MOTOTRBO faintly from Urbana. Not sure who the user is. Savoy PW used to use this freq with a 127.3 PL. Only licenses near here are in Tilton near Danville and Brocton Fire Department in Edgar County.
  2. queso5280

    Third Alarm Fire Savoy Illinois

    Working fire in savoy illinois. 11/23/2010 @ 0317 1808 Woodfield Dr. Large 2 story mutli suite building, mutiple businesses, include Savoy DCFS office, Wickersheimer Engineering, PREPARE inc., Marvalous massage. Savoy, Tolono, Edge Scott, Eastern Prarie, Carroll, Champaign, Urbana...
  3. D


    Well i am from Odell,IL and we don't have a police department because were such a small town but police come from one of are neighboring towns called Pontiac,IL i was wondering what is the frequency for the police department and maybe someone could broadcast that frequency.
  4. N

    Bloomington/Normal and Champaign Scanning

    I have had my first scanner, a BC72XLT, for about a month now and have really been enjoying it. I really like all the things I'm able to pick up, but am a bit disappointed at the low memory capacity and not being able to get FMN or digitally trunked signals, and the limited frequency coverage. I...
  5. C

    Lincoln Fire 154.445

    I've seen on Radioreference and the CARMA profile Lincoln Fire listed as using 154.445 (110.9). Last weekend when I was there, I heard them using 154.445 (186.2). Does another user use 110.9 or is that just bad info?
  6. C

    Grundy County unit ids

    If someone with local knowledge about the Grundy County Unit IDs could update this section of the wiki, it'd be appreciated: Grundy County (IL) - The RadioReference Wiki There is some old and new info on there and I'm not familiar enough with the area to know what's the latest.
  7. WX9RLT

    need listener feedback

    i need to get feedback from you guys on my feed. i need to know how good the quality is, on your end. i broadcast, one freq. so there might be a little break between transmissions. Winnebago County Public Safety Public Safety Winnebago County, Illinois (IL) Live Police, Fire, and EMS...
  8. E

    Searching whether a specific Chicago Police feed frequency is available online

    How can I find whether the feed for: 460.475 (Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 1 - Districts 16 17) is available online currently (either through or elsewhere)? I would love to be able to listen to my district. Thanks, Eliezer
  9. bigskybuff

    City of Chicago Police/Fire Scanner Stream

    Windows Media Player (more formats to come) Monitors Police/Fire List of frequencies monitored listed on the site. 24x7 coverage except for an occasional reboot (off peak hours) Live chat window No registration or fees Any feedback, comments or constructive...