1. N

    APX IMPRES 2 Recondition Loop

    I have a new PMNN4486A being charged in a new NNTN8845A IMPRES 2 charger. When I insert the battery it, the LED goes orange as it has never been conditioned before. Once the the conditioning is finished it'll charge and display red LED. After a few hours when it seems like it is about to start...
  2. B

    Motorola XPR 7550

    Just got this VHF radio to use at my volunteer FD and whenever I go to charge the radio with the IMPRES charger the charging base will be orange. I know orange means the battery is reconditioning but the radio will do an annoying beep tone about every 5 seconds until I pick the radio up off of...
  3. N1DDC

    Brand new XTS5000 battery charging?

    Hey guys & gals, just a quick question. I just received a brand new Impres Li-ion high-capacity 4500-mAh battery for my XTS5000. I just put it in the charger for the first time and it’s conditioning Itself! Now I can’t recall any of my other batteries ever doing this but it’s been a while...
  4. M

    Impres Charger for Lithium Ion Battery

    I was just curious as to what the appropriate IMPRES charger would be for a lithium ion battery for my XTS 2500. The battery im looking at is the: NNTN7335B NNTN7335 - Motorola IMPRES IP67 Battery - LiIon 2700 mAh Would the WPLN411AR charger be appropriate for that type of battery?
  5. N

    impress charger help

    i have impress 6 gang charger WPLN4198A one of the banks doesnt seem to work the LCD screen just reads no battery when the battery is in the bank. I have a brand new battery out of the box that i used in every bank the rest work but for some reason one doesnt. Any ideas what to check or the fix...
  6. N

    ht1250 impres charger

    i was looking at a 6 bank impres charger for ht1250 radios. right now we have a standard charger with batteries that dont hold charge any longer. Seen the impres charger and batteries like to switch to li-ion batteries. is the Impres worth it? just trying to get some feed back and looking for...