1. B

    MESA/IDPS System

    Question about the database, I wasn't sure if there is a reason for it, of if it was an oversight. Westfield Police and Noblesville Police are listed under the "Hamilton County Law Enforcement" Department/Group. Carmel and Fishers are listed under their respective city Department/Group. Is...
  2. B

    Indianapolis Fire Department Station Tones

    Does anyone have a list of the tones used to alert each individual Indy FD? Looking at being able to set up to only hear certain stations. Thanks!
  3. B

    Newbie needs scanner advice

    Wanting to get into this hobby. Need suggestions and help. Would enjoy listening to local and state police, fire and rescue, utility, DOT etc... I have read a lot of good about the Uniden BCD436HP. Is this a good all around radio and is it necessary for any of the three updates? I live around...
  4. G

    Indianapolis FD-North and FD-South

    The RR database shows the TGID for FD-North is 10203 and FD-South is 10204. Lately I have not been hearing any radio traffic on FD-North (10203), but I am hearing radio traffic from units on the north side of the city on FD-South (10204). Can anyone explain this? Did TGIDs get changed for these...
  5. N

    Info Needed on Detailed Repeater Locations

    Fellow Hams, I am in the process of putting together a map type list of repeaters in Indiana, specifically central Indiana. Marion County and surrounding, Johnson and surrounding counties. I would like to pick each of your brains a little. If you know of a repeater and its location please share...
  6. I

    Pro-95 - Marion County, Indiana MECA Programming Help

    I just found my older Pro-95 scanner and I am new to the scanner hobby. Indianapolis's public safety radio system is an 800 MHz system called MECA. I have figured out how to program the repeaters I like to listen to in the scanner, but when it comes to programming the multiple MECA frequencies I...
  7. J

    Very new newbie - Indianapolis Public Safety system, help needed

    Good morning! I just purchased a Radio Shack Pro-106. Being brand new (as in no knowledge whatsoever), I knew I'd be in for a long, steep learning curve. I really think I need to pick up a "For Dummies" book to get me started, as the technology seems more daunting than any other I've tackled in...
  8. M

    Indianapolis Marion County MECA Settings PRO-197

    I recently purchased a PRO-197 Digital Trunking Scanner from Radio Shack. I am having a problem with my program for MECA in Indianapolis. I receive a signal that is VERY broken up. I have Hendricks loaded with NO issues however MECA Indianapolis is causing me the distortion problem and I can’t...
  9. del1964

    Indy MECA BCD396XT programming question

    How would I program a new system in my 396XT for the Marion County, IN MECA system. Motorola type II P25, Mot800Mhz Type I, Conventional, EDACS, LTR, P25 Standard or P25 One Freq Trunk? Thanks in advance!!! I programmed it in FreeScan as Motorola type II P25 but haven't put it into the radio yet...
  10. jefbrehar

    Uniden BC785D

    I'm new to the new Police systems. My question is, If I buy the Uniden BC785D with the APCO 25 card, will I be able to pick up the Indianapolis Metro Police and the Greenwood, Indiana Police with this scanner? I think they are both on the APCO 25 system.
  11. clarkjrc

    LifeLine Indy Comm Spec Needed

    Group, This may be a little off topic and may flaunt the rules of the board's scope, to which I apologize, but LifeLine is looking for a dispatcher to work full-time (36 hrs/week) in the communication center. The position is posted at Clarian Health. Click on the "careers" button at the...
  12. Y

    Indianapolis, Indiana

    I need some help. I bought a GRE PSR 500. I have downloaded data from RR to the scanner. It is scanning BUT I am not getting any hits. I hasve the usual MPD, Fire, EMS, etc. What else do I need to d to make it work. If some one lives near I would pay a little to get it working right. I have...
  13. Y

    Indianapolis, Indiana

    Is there anyone fron Indianapolis, Indiana that owns a PSR 500 and can help me get it programed? I have windows Vista and fr some reason it weill not open the port to the Scanner. I have even sent it back to the Manufactor and they said the sacnner and cable were fine. I think it is in my...