1. D

    Indoor 2-meter antenna?

    I have restrictions where I live about antennas. But I have a work space that is my shack and it is on the 2nd floor. I was thinking about a J-pole for 2 meter inside. What do people think about this or do you have other suggestions. I have a walk in attic as well but the walk in side is on...
  2. jafarm66

    Howto Mount Yagi 800 Mhz Antenna indoors NO ATTC

    I live in a condo complex where no External antennas are allowed. I want to mount a Laird 9db gain yagi antenna indoors (no attic) somehow but can't figure out how to do this so it stays pointed towards the 800mhz systems I want to monitor 30-40 miles away. Any ideas? PS I am using a BCD436HP...
  3. F

    Indoor Fan Dipole

    I am trying to build a multiband antenna for medium and shortwave listening. I will not be transmitting with this antenna. I found a website and tried to follow the design, except for indoors rather than outside. I live in an apartment. As I have limited space, I thought that I could bend the...
  4. Eastie

    Why can't I use an outdoor antenna indoors?

    I've seen on plenty of sites like scannermaster, that outdoor antennas can't be used indoors.:confused: Why is that? I don't want my neighbors to see I have a scanner antenna, so I can't stick it on the roof. But I do want the level or reception it offers.
  5. PluckyPleco

    Indoor antenna vs thru-glass antenna

    I can have a scanner in my office, however there is no way to open the window. Would you rather have an indoor antenna or a thru the glass mount antenna? Why? Most of my listening is in the 150-155 MHz and 440 MHz (ham) bands. Plec