1. M

    AirScope - Air Traffic Radar - iOS iPhone or iPAD App - Using Data

    Found another iOS app to add to our devices and use with the local receiver ADS-B data or just viewing data. Looks like the app will get better in later versions. Great for viewing unblocked aircraft data (Private business aircraft and Military aircraft, etc) Local ADS-B receiver...
  2. J

    Geographical Feed Location

    Hi all, Happy New Year. I was playing with the iOS Broadcastify app and was in a city within 5 miles of my home feed(s) city. I did a search of feeds nearest to my location (using iOS Location Services) and my two feeds did NOT show up in the list. It some that were nearby and a feed some 74...
  3. R

    Fastlane for iPad

    I’ve worked out how to setup my radios on one pc, and use a second pc to run Fastlane. I can even RDP into that pc (even via my iPad) and get audio to work using the MS remote sound feature. My question is, will there be a plan to port DSDPlus Fastlane to the IPad? Bobby AE4B
  4. L

    New iPhone Scanning App

    I just released an iPhone App that lets you listen to all the radio traffic on the DC Fire & EMS radio network. My system archives everything, so you can quickly search for and replay older calls. It is available for free on the App Store...
  5. C

    Mobile compatible stream player

    Is there a embedded stream player that is compatible with mobile devices that do not use Flash? I know there are apps that will play streams and I do have my web page identify mobile users and point them to the apps. It's not a big deal but I figured if somebody just wanted to listen and...
  6. police_scanners

    iOS / Android apps

    Hi, I'm currently trying to collect a list of iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and Android apps which might be useful for scanning. There seem to be quite a few live audio feed apps out there. I'm wandering what else you're all using, and also which app you tried but didn't like?
  7. 0

    is there a demand for a mobile casting app?

    I have been considering jamming out code for such an app because my own searches for anything like it lead nowhere. Unless I'm searching with wrong terms? Certainly, I have Some expectations for what I want but it seems as though it hasn't been done yet. This app should (on a...