1. MayportDrone

    SDS100 Question!!

    I currently have the Uniden BCD436HP. I am located and scanning in the Jacksonville, FL area wanting to listen to Jacksonville Fire and Rescue. I had the 436HP uploaded by someone with everything for JFRD, but I can barely hear anything most of the time. I saw a couple post about people raving...
  2. emcomm

    JAX Fire on a XTS 5000 - to flash or not to flash

    Hi, I have a JAX FD codeplug for an XTS5000 which I am going to put into a used radio for monitoring only--yes, I have the software. The radio is coming from a friend out of state and is a FPP. My question is, do I have to flash the radio first to make it for a Type II Smartzone ? Thanks, S...
  3. F

    Jacksonville Fire P-25

    So, I have heard many different things about the JFRD P-25 system. I have heard that yes, Main dispatch is in the clear because they have been experiencing issues with it. Does anyone know or actually monitor Jacksonville(FL) Fire to tell me if I can listen to the JFRD P-25 system or is it just...
  4. kg4ojj

    COMPTUEX off NE Florida coast

    Courtesy of a Marine Corps press release: 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Amphibious Squadron 8 conduct training off Florida coast "The Marines [24th Marine Expeditionary Unit & Amphibious Squadron 8] plan to operate around the Mayport, Fla. area in the coming days as part of Composite...
  5. S

    Northeast Florida RailScanning

    I am trying to find a source for accurate rail freq in and around Jacksonville Fl area plzzzzz M-
  6. kg4ojj

    2nd Alarm Fire - Jacksonville FL

    2nd Alarm struck for apartment fire, Jacksonville, FL First-due units calling for 2nd alarm, with heavy fire showing from 3-story apartment building. For Fire District 52, apartment complex at 6500 Lake Gray Blvd., near I-295 & Blanding Blvd. Stations 52, 31, 10, and 4 responding. JFRD on...
  7. kg4ojj

    Jacksonville FL - new P25 system

    Yesterday, I was playing around with my PSR-500 scanner and found something new.... Hooked up scanner to PRO96com Pro96Com - Control channel decoder for P25 Trunked Radio Systems and I found a new P25 system in Jacksonville, based off of the existing public safety TRS: Site ID: 3BD P25...
  8. kg4ojj

    Jacksonville Fire-Rescue audio feed

    All, After streaming the Jacksonville Fire-Rescue Department feed for awhile now, I think it is time for someone else to deal with the maintenance and upkeep of said feed. My business and leisure travels keep me away from the house enough; recently, it seems the feed has had more downtime (or...
  9. kg4ojj

    3 Alarm Fire - Jacksonville FL

    Third alarm just struck for apartment complex fire in JFRD District 19. Interior search and rescue complete. Roof likely to collapse - all firefighters pulled from building. Multiple trucks and engines on scene. 2200 block of University Boulevard, cross street is Burdette Drive (Road)...
  10. kg4ojj

    Apartment Fire & Man with Gun - Jacksonville FL

    Structure alarm assignment enroute to working apartment fire in the 5600 block of Marshal Road, Jacksonville FL (initial page before 8pm ET 9/19/09; recorded audio available via RR feed archives). Some of the responding units: E28, E12, E13, L28, L21, L4, Fire-3, Fire-4, Rehab-9, Rescue21...
  11. kg4ojj

    High Angle Rescue - Jacksonville FL

    Reported back injury on person in elevated shipping crane on Blount Island, Jacksonville, FL. Multiple rescue and combat units on-scene, including Heavy Rescue 4. High-angle rescue setup in process. Tower-Ladder 9 is the primary rig. Using shipping crane to attempt to lower victim. Marine FD...
  12. kg4ojj

    2nd Alarm Fire - Jacksonville FL

    The 2nd Alarm was just struck for a residential fire in the area of 3700 Ortega Blvd, Jacksonville. I heard the initial assignment about 15-20 minutes ago. You should be able to find the audio for the initial call, sizeup and attack on my feed (look for 8/12/09 @ 215pm +/- 10mins ..... through...
  13. kg4ojj

    Helicopter down - Jacksonville FL

    Aircraft incident (Helicopter down) at Herlong Airport, Jacksonville FL @ 1630 hrs (approximate). Herlong Airport @ Normandy Blvd Unknown type helicopter down on the active runway. Engine 57, 22, 31, Ladder 31, 22, Rescue 33, 32, 22, 17, & 2, Fire (chief) 5 & 6, Safety 2 enroute. Listen on...
  14. kg4ojj

    MVC one trapped, multiple patients - Jacksonville FL

    Multiple vehicle collision, Beach Blvd.@ Kernan Blvd., Jacksonville FL Ladder 28 calling for extrication assignment. Arriving Rescue calling for MCI Level 1 assignment. Have at least 3 adults, 2 peds hurt. One patient trapped. Evaluating 4 others. All EMS/FD traffic on Bravo-1 talkgroup...
  15. kg4ojj

    JFRD Batt Chief involved in MVC

    Fire-7 (batt chief) involved in accident, while responding to working structure fire. 21st & Liberty Streets, Jacksonville FL Unknown injuries, unknown entrapment. Rescue chief and extra rescue unit enroute.