1. W

    Flash Upgrade in Kansas?

    Good Evening, Is there anywhere in Kansas that offers flash upgrading on a XTS5000? If not, is there anyone that you recommend that could help me with it? I believe I can get the other programming figured out, but may need some help with it along with changing the flashcode.
  2. R

    Sedgwick County and Wichita scanning questions

    I used to scan Sedgwick County and Wichita on a Radio Shack Pro-97 before they went digital. In October I purchased a BCD436HP and think I have it set up correctly but feel like I'm missing alot of traffic. I've created a favorites list to whittle down the talk groups I'm monitoring...
  3. K

    Uniden BCD536HP Input Frequencies

    I am new to all this and trying to figure it all out, so please forgive me if I do not understand all the terminology from the beginning. I have the Uniden BCD536HP and I live in North Johnson County Kansas where they have switched to the (MARRS) system. My scanner will not pick up any of the...
  4. mijo

    New at trunking need help

    Hello I have a Pro-93 radio shack scanner i have had it for many years but just used it for regular scanning i was informed that Pawnee county,ks now uses some trunking. so i set one of my banks to trunking MOT but i am not hearing anything so not sure if i set it up correctly the closet place...
  5. mgolden2

    Overland Park PD radio numbers

    Has anyone else noticed that Overland Park PD has changed their radio number format? It used to be something like "1-Adam-14 respond to........." and "2-Boy-2", I assume for their North and South division units. Now they are regular 100, 200, or 300-series radio numbers. Again, I assume the...
  6. KSquelch

    Lyons and Rice County

    I have relatives in Rice County and they haven't been hearing any traffic on the frequencies for Lyons and Rice County. I've taken my scanner down there and I haven't heard them either. Maybe they have rebanded??? Any input would be appreciated.
  7. C

    Labette County Kansas to join KSICS system

    Parsons, KS: The emergency communications system throughout all of Labette County, Kansas will be upgraded thanks to a $1.1 million FEMA firefighter grant.
  8. oldsarge

    Johnson County Sheriff Dispatching

    Johnson County Sheriff is now dispatching for the Olathe, Lenexa, and some other cities within the County. Specific details can be found on this site in the Johnson County database. I don't hear much anymore on the old Olathe frequencies, but the Sheriff frequencies APCO 25 are busy. These...
  9. C

    McPherson County EDACS incorrectly listed as digital

    Not sure how to get database information corrected, but the law enforcement talk groups on the McPherson County EDACS system are NOT digital, as indicated. This is causing analog-only scanners to ignore those talk groups. Mac County Sheriff and some of the police agencies have the ability to...
  10. P

    Jefferson County Kansas - Up And Running

    After some messing around with the settings I have my feed dialed in and up and running!! Jefferson County, Kansas (KS) Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners on RadioReference.com
  11. M

    700/800 MHz Mobile Antenna

    Just starting to shop for a good mobile antenna. Will used be with my RS Pro 106 while in my personal vehicle. Probably will be mounted on the trunk lid, unless I can find something low profile enough that it does not stick out like a sore thumb on the roof. My vehicle is a 2007 Honda Accord so...
  12. T

    Pro 107 Questions

    I just had a couple of questions. I have recently purchased a Radio Shack Pro 107 Iscan trunking scanner and was woundering I seam to be able to receive broadcast from my local area wich is Harvey Co Kansas but I have Programed the surrounding counties like Sedgwick, Reno, Butler, Mcpherson. I...
  13. gmclam

    Garden City, KS: Police scanner encryption under fire

    Citizens with older model scanners in their homes may have noticed a dead silence late in 2009 when the Federal Communications Commission mandated an upgrade in standards. .... In order to listen to the new frequencies, people would have had to buy scanners that range in the $500 range, or try...
  14. M

    Leawood EDACS?

    Hey friends, I just got my RadioShack Pro 97 from ebay yesterday and I've been storing what's left of the Johnson County Motorolla trunked system - I'm trying to add Leawood which uses EDACS in the same bank and I'm getting nothing but the typical crazy noises from the control channel - what am...