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    PRO-197 + Louisville P25 - Help!

    So... I took the leap and bought a digital scanner yesterday. I went with the R/S PRO-197. I can track conventional systems like a gem. (It's actually AMAZING at it.) But... when I go to the digital side of things, thats where my problems start. I've never done the digital or trunking stuff. I'm...
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    Louisville Metro (KY) EMS Frequency Changed

    I was recently in Louisville, and my 400 MHz EMS channels were silent. I know a paramedic up there and he told me that EMS had recently changed to 800 MHz frequencies and gone digital. I don't know when/if the rest of metro government will go digital. The PD/Fire channels worked fine.
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    Louisville Emergecy Management

    With all the crazy weather and crazy happenings lately, I have decided to create a dedicated EMA bank in my scanner. I have not went digital yet (I know... I know. Lol) so I'm struggeling to get frequiencies that actually work as most have already gone digital. So... I turn to the community...
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    Cardinal Club

    Does any one have the cardinal club golf course frequency?? I have been wondering and tried scanning but nothing... Cardinal Club Simpsonville, Kentucky
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    KSP Post 12 Frequencies

    What are the frequencies for Kentucky state police post 12??