1. BC2001

    Hearing Law Traffic On A Water District Frequency

    Hi. For the past few to several months, I've been hearing Law Enforcement traffic (I've heard them mention people from Sparta, KY during Warrant and/or license plate checks) on the Pineville Water District Channel (Channel Info is in the table below). I am having trouble identifying exactly...
  2. B

    Unitrunker Kentucky State Police Post 2

    How do i listen to post 2 using Unitrunker and DSD
  3. A

    Floyd County (DMR/P25)

    1. A while back in my county, and surrounding counties was covered by Trans Star Ambulance which was bought out by Life Guard (AMR). They used to use an analog UHF system, but now I was told they use a DMR system for the area for dispatch to truck communication. Just wondering if anyone else has...
  4. BC2001

    Clay County Sheriff Department New Frequency

    I meant to add this a while ago, but I forgot to. I saw where the Clay County Sheriff Department now have a new channel (FCC Callsign WRFN871 (CLAY COUNTY SHERIFF DEPARTMENT)) When I was in Manchester a while back, I got a signal on 453.675 with my Homepatrol 1 and it was just a motor sound. So...
  5. BC2001

    Harlan County Public Safety (NXDN NEXEDGE 4800)

    Hey everyone, I hope each and every one of you are healthy and safe during these troublesome times. I live in Bell County and am trying to Monitor the Harlan County Public Safety NXDN trunking system. I have programmed it directly with radioreference import as I am a premium subcriber. I used...
  6. Remington12G

    RCS Communications 800/900 System

    So I recently noticed that the RCS Communications 800/900 DMR system was added as an area-wide system in the Kentucky database. I've monitored the system a lot and it seems that some talk groups are being carried system-wide. I haven't been able to pinpoint most operations to company's but the...
  7. LouisvilleScanMan

    My 98 Astro Roadside Service/Search and Rescue Van

    My 98 Astro Roadside Service/Search and Rescue Van
  8. Remington12G

    Franklin County Fire Dispatch

    (THIS POST IS NOT INTENDED TO START A DEBATE, ONLY ASKING A QUESTION) Right now I am scanning 154.43000 with a RAN of 21, it is the Franklin COUNTY Fire Dispatch frequency, the frequency is listed as unencrypted, I am getting the same noise that I get from Frankfort FD Dispatch which is fully...
  9. Remington12G

    Veteran Affairs Lexington

    When you're on the Fayette County Home Page it mentions that VA Leestown and VA Cooper are under the Federal Agencies Listing In KY. When I navigate to the Federal page and look for the VA frequencies, I can not find them. Does anyone have a suggestion to where they could be in the RR Database
  10. Remington12G

    University Of Kentucky P25 System

    I recently submitted some TGID's to RR for the UK P25 System. Some of those TGID's were channels where I heard specific radio traffic for certain buildings on campus but it also appears that University operations do work in zones/posts. I have scanned the Secondary Dispatch channel and it...
  11. BC2001

    Give me a list of all the frequencies you can recieve!

    Hey everyone! Hope y'all are having a good one. I figured I would starta conversation. What all do you folks receive normally? Mine are as follows: 155.06250 Leslie County Sheriff 155.43000 Leslie Count Fire Department / Emergency Operations center 153.27500 TranStar Ambulance Service (Leslie...
  12. BC2001

    Bell County KY SO Freq Question

    Hello! I have a question: So, on the Bell County KY page (, I clicked on WPMD858 (Bell County SO) and it says that down at location #5 (Beverly) that the frequency is 453.4125 && 453.025... However, I cannot pick up either of those frequencies...
  13. P

    Paducah Fire

    Does anyone else listening to Paducah City fire not hear any kind of alert tone before a dispatch? I realize two-tones won't be heard on a trunking system but I at least expected a warble.
  14. BC2001

    Leslie county, Kentucky E-911 Center

    On the following link, Leslie County, Kentucky (KY) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference , It says Leslie county E-911 center has a frequency of 155.430. My question is, does E-911 center mean ALL public safety agencies within that county?
  15. G


    Howdy everybody, I just wanted to drop in and say hello. I've visited Radio Reference in the past for police scanner frequencies and such, so I figured I'd go ahead and register and maybe try to contribute a little something to the site. My name is Marcus, I live in eastern Kentucky. My love...
  16. C

    Newbie, would like info on BCD996XT as well as other scanner questions

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie when it comes to scanners, but I would like to put a Uniden BCD996XT in my truck and just need some info so that I know what to do. I have a 2004 Silverado and plan on putting the scanner in a single-din space where a stereo would normally go. Since I'm putting it there...
  17. N

    Louisville KY LMPD

    Does anyone know what happened to the Louisville KY LMPD (Metro Police) feed? It's been gone for several weeks now and is no longer an option to select.
  18. P

    Trying to do my research

    on buying a scanner to answer my own questions but the recent announcement by Lexington UCG threw me a curve -Lexington begins to unify public safety communications with the interoperable CORP25 network Are the current radios compatable with this? Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government...
  19. J


    is there a live feed coming for woodford versailles,ky if not can a digital scanner pick up their frequencies? i dont want to spend money if i cannot recieve my home town channels thanks for your help
  20. N4JES

    Montgomery County Police

    Could anyone please advise me about the system that the local police and SO are now using? I am still receiving fire/ems conventional.