1. L

    LAPD and FD callsigns

    Hey guys, I'm wondering what callsigns the LAFD and LAPD use for patrol units, Does LAFD use a 1-UNIT-00 system or? Also, what does 1 in front mean, what do the -00 numbers present? What does Lincoln, Adam, David mean?
  2. J

    Realtime Los Angeles 911 Call Log

    I've been looking for something like this for a while, and since IPN seems to be updated at will, I decided to bust out my rusty software developer skills and create an automated LAFD call console of my own. Combines many sources of already accessible data, including CHP...
  3. O

    Callsigns For CHP, LASD, and Fire

    I'm familiar with the naming convention used to identify LAPD units (e.g., 10-A-12) where 10 is the division, A is a two-officer patrol, and 12 would be the car identifier. Can anyone provide similar conventions for callsigns of CHP, LASD, LA County Fire, and LA City Fire? I hear them called...
  4. Mountain343


    I've noticed that whenever there is a brush fire in the county that will use the VFIRE or LA County V-Command channels, a COMPLAN announcement goes out on VFIRE 25 (154.2875) as well as base contact to a party I can't copy about other freqs that may or may not be available in the region. I...
  5. W

    LAFD Units

    While listening to the May Day activity in Downtown L.A. I heard LAFD (I think. Coulda been LACFD. I forgot to look at the scanner screen) reference a couple of "cycle teams". I assume those are EMTs on bicycles that can get through the crowds more easily. But I wonder if they could have...
  6. K

    Los Angeles - Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2

    Photos are linked from Flickr...from PartyWithPanda I listened to this a couple hours last night...but the giant 2-day rave at the Los Angeles Coliseum keeps going with plenty of comms from various areas in and around the stadium. LAFD Prevention 856.9375 LAFD Tac 15 859.7625 LAFD EMS 10...
  7. fwfdengine2

    LAFD Locution

    Does anybody have any info for the LAFD Locution Dispatch System, or have a recording of a dispatch? Thanks, fwfdengine2