1. K

    LED interference question

    Assuming lumens/brightness are equal, does a 120V ac-powered LED lightbulb emit more, less or equal RF than a 12 or 24V dc-powered LED? The same frequency or different?
  2. H

    Orange light top of APX 6000

    I have an APX 6000 handheld that I use with analog frequencies. I notice that the orange LED on top of the radio is on even when there is no radio traffic (at least the squelch is not broken). What causes the orange LED to be lit?
  3. SamAltenberger

    SDS200 LED: White Appears Magenta

    Hi all, I am noticing a potential issue with my new Uniden SDS200 and I was hoping other SDS200 owners could chime-in on whether this is normal/expected for the unit, or if there is a problem with mine that is worth following-up with Uniden about. When the multi-color LED is set to white, it...
  4. S

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 charge light blinks red w/ new larger battery (again)

    As posted in the prior thread (that was closed) I am also experiencing the red charge light begins to blink after hours into charging with the new larger battery. I've only recharged a couple of times overnight after fairly deep discharges. Have found the flashing red charge light the next...
  5. P

    TRX-1: LED Color issue

    Hi, I am programming all the busses in my area to flash "yellow" when they are active. my issue is when the yellow led comes on it looks like "lime Green" can anyone try this and see if they get the same result. thank you Paul
  6. M

    Problem programming Kenwood TK-3301

    I received this TK-3301 ProTalk with some other stuff and only some channels worked which may have been standard, I don't know. I downloaded the KPG-121D V1.01 software and have the engineers serial number (posted in another old thread) and programmed in the 446 MHz channels that I wanted. I...
  7. beischel

    Yellow LED on TRX2

    Is anyone else having this issue? Well I program the radio to display a yellow LED on receiving specifics objects, it display green. Even when I used the preprogrammed "Highway" LED Flash it displays as green. Anyone else experience this or are you able to get a yellow color for the alert LED?
  8. D

    New BCD536HP 5800xxxx Series!

    There appears to be 3 different Series of the Uniden BCD536HP Scanners 3800xxxx, 4800xxxx, 5800xxxx, if any one can comfirm that there is a new 5800xxxx, it would be appreciated!
  9. L

    led gold coast

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  10. T

    2010 Elantra and FT-8800R

    Not nearly as elegant as the sunglasses holder install. This is almost exclusively my commute vehicle. I don't have to worry about passengers too much so I mounted the main portion of the radio on the side of the console. It is far enough forward to be out of the way moving the seat and get...
  11. J

    Quantar repeater : PA low

    I'm getting a PA low beep on my vhf quantar. When I went to check it out, it displays the PA low when keyed. The service manual says if the unit isn't recieving enough DC voltage that this will happen. I checked that batteries and the charger was showing around 28.5 volts. Which is above the...
  12. B

    Pro 2026 100ch mobile backlight replacement

    I need to replace the display backlight and want to use an LED in place of the older incad bulb. I've looked at the schematic and parts list and find that the voltage is 5-8v, depending on where I look. Any hints as to what it might be? I am fixing it for a friend and he's mailing it to be, so I...
  13. J

    Strong signal, no audio

    I programmed my pro106 to pick up a trunking system. I'm positive I programmed it correctly because I hear transmissions from the city that I programmed. The problem is sometimes I don't hear anything - even when the LED lights up. I'll hear the first part of a radio traffic conversation and not...
  14. gmclam

    How do you have your LED programmed (PSR-500/etc)

    Several scanners now have an LED or programmable backlight. These models include PSR-500, PSR-600, PRO-106 & PRO-197. I know some Uniden models have something similar, but I am not sure of the programmability or models. How do you have your LED programmed? What I have seen done is something...
  15. F

    TK-3200/L Help?

    I have come into 3 handsets, 2 are TK-3200s (8 channel models) and one is a TK-3200L (15 channel model.) Whenever I tune any of the handsets to a channel above 3, all it does is put out a tone and flash the LED red/orange over and over. Also, I have noticed that I can't do any of the programming...