1. K

    SDR# To my understanding, SDR# has an open API (response to another thread)

    I was reading in another thread (this one SDR# - JUST STOP! that's now closed to new posts) about how people are pirating SDR#, and noticed some people were saying that the licensing prevents modification of the DLLs. I was going to reply in that thread, but since it's locked, I'll reply here...
  2. L


    Acquiring an amateur radio license is not a big deal; not difficult by any stretch. Should you choose to move forward, you may want to consider the following. For your average -- Jane/John Q. Public --, if you want to talk (rag chew), use a phone, Skype or similar service. When there's no phone...
  3. AK9R

    How to get a U.S. amateur radio license

    Since we seem to get many questions on this topic, let's use this thread as repository of information relative to the thread title. I plan to make this a "sticky". In the United States of America, the Amateur Radio Services (ARS) is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission as a...
  4. B

    Canadian Radio Programming

    Hey all, I've been creeping around and learning for a little while now, but the time has come that I can't seem to find the information I need. My forum searching and googling has this far been in vain. I'm in Canada, Alberta more specifically, and I would like to start programming some...
  5. K7MFC

    How to apply for a GMRS license and receive your FCC call sign

    How to apply for a GMRS license and receive your FCC call sign General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a land-mobile UHF radio service in the United States, near 462 and 467 MHz. GMRS shares the same frequencies with the Family Radio Service (FRS), however output power is limited to 0.5 or 2...
  6. S

    Business Radio license

    Hey I am planing to buy radios for our business and I have my business license. Can I operate on business frequencys in the business license?
  7. M

    Gift for my husband - getting started from scratch

    So folks, For my apologies, as this is probably the most basic, most boring thread to start and/or read. But I really need help. My husband has been talking about get a radio for a long time. He's aware that he needs training and a license. Can someone help answer my questions so I can...
  8. marksroberson

    Active Repeater with Expired license?!?

    This one is strange... I was sitting here with my PRO-651 on Signal Stalker when it stopped on 453.8375, I thought it would be another DMR Frequency, NOPE! it was St. Vincent's Hospital (Pretty close to me so I thought that had to be it) I looked under Jefferson County and went to FCC Licenses...
  9. W

    Hartford Stadium

    I just searched the FCC database for any new licenses that might be for systems used at the new Hartford baseball stadium, once it's operational. Found nothing that seems to apply. Has anyone heard rumors about what the radio system for the new stadium might be?
  10. T

    Statewide 452.450

    I see that there is a statewide license (WNZL712) which is assigned 452.450 / 457.450 MHz. It has a control point of NMSU in Las Cruces. It has emission designators of 20K0F1D, 11K0F1D which are digital modulations. In Las Cruces, I can hear digital signals, but I dont know what format they...
  11. BlueDevil

    What does the SC mean on an FCC License?

    When looking at the frequencies licensed to a specific FCC license some of the frequencies have an "SC" icon on next to them. A quick hoover with the mouse indicates that this is a special condition icon. Logic suggests that the Special Condition is directly associated with the frequency in...
  12. Z

    KPG-1DN License Transfer

    Is there a way to transfer the license for the KPG-1DN software to another laptop or is it like the radio keys where once its associated, you cannot transfer it.
  13. S

    Failed my Technician Test

    I have been studying pretty much everyday, super engaged. When i dont know the answer i will envelope myself in the subject whether it be through youtube, or independent studies. I have been studying for 3 months almost on When i went to take the test i saw that the questions seem...
  14. D

    What license to apply for/ how to study?

    Hello Im a newbie to Amateur Radio and wanting to get my license in order to start transmitting. I know i need at least a Technical license to transmitt. But im wanting to know if i should get my General or Extra license. Im wanting to be able to transmit across the country, also transmit data...
  15. N2SCV

    My License

    I passed my tests Field Day of '92 but my ticket says it was granted 05/08/2012; the last date I renewed it. Is this SOP? I've been on the fringe of the hobby (listening) for the last 21 years but am now able to get back into it fully. Thanks.
  16. K

    Output Power vs. ERP (Legal)

    I understand the technical difference between ERP and transmitter output power, but I was wondering if someone could help me understand the intent of the difference as seen on FCC licenses. I have several licenses in the Public Safety Pool and I've noticed that on one frequency/location I'm...
  17. n9mxq

    Ham Radio License Course

    Sorry for the short notice.. Just got the flyer today. We are putting on a Technician level course for a few firefighters and decided to invite the public to join - G
  18. productionguy85

    Location of FCC Documentation

    Hello all, I have been searching for hours and decided to post here for help... I am in search of the FCC location that specifies at what TX wattage, you are required to have a license. I am aware that in general, (anything more then 1/2 watt, requires a license ie. FRS compared to GMRS). But...
  19. J

    [Bilingual] Practicing to get a license / Pratique pour obtention d'une license

    Bonjour! (English translation below), Je suis tout nouveau dans le domaine de la radio amateur. Je viens de recevoir ma radio Baofeng UV-5RA que je me suis empressé de programmer. Je voudrais savoir s'il existe des ressources (livres, pdf) pour ce préparer à l'examen. J'ai télécharger le...
  20. B

    Ontario License Restrictions

    I've been trying to figure this out and can't really find any good info anywhere. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the license restrictions stand for. So far I've heard them say A,X,Y,W example: Driver is licensed class Golf, restrictions Xray or some times they will say no restrictions...