1. B

    Lightning Protection

    Hello All, In this diagram, does the camera mounted to the communications shelter need lightning protection, or does the tower provide a cone of protection as would a building?
  2. P

    Lightning Safety Question: How could I use a mag mount antenna on my car w/o being struck by lightning?

    This is my first post, so please be polite! I want to put an antenna on my car and I want to ride through storms while listening to storm spotters and public safety, how can I protect myself from lightning strikes? I know a not so similar topic has been posted before about home antennas, but I...
  3. RadioGuy1951

    NW Cal Lightning Fires

    Cal Fire MEU & HUU fightling several lightning caused fires in Northern Mendocino & Southern Humboldt counties... Air attack 110 (Mendocino Unit) along with Humboldt air attack in a running battle... Fires are generally along or near Bell Springs Road...I've heard of 6 incidents so far...
  4. aircatheavy

    wilson 1000 antenna Lightning Rod ???

    Hello, Just got my Wilson 1000 Mag Mount Antenna today and after sticking on the roof of my minivan I stood back and thought.... hmmmmm.....nice lightning rod. Is lightning a potential hazard with a 5ft metal whip antenna on top of your vehicle?
  5. C

    Simplex system possibly struck by lightning.

    Where I work we work with a Motorola radio setup, we run on 154mhz band, and use Motorola base telephone transceivers, and CP200 handhelds when we're in the field. This past weekend, we think our system may have been struck by lightning. Our radios now have what I would describe as a "ghost"...