1. RC4

    Lincoln 2 plus noise in 2018 Chevy Silverado Z71 Help

    Hello all first time here! So I hope this is the right forum to post this. Ill try to keep this short as possible. I have a 2018 Chevy Silverado Z71 with a president Lincoln 2+. Francis 6foot Hot rod driver side hood fender mount 18' coax RG8x and wired straight to the battery ground as well...
  2. B

    Lincoln County Sheriff / Fayetteville Police DMR

    Can or has anyone in the southern middle TN or North AL area been able to confirm the CC, TG, and TS for the Lincoln SO and Fayetteville PD DMR? I have no means to do so yet. Thanks!
  3. melona380

    Lancaster Co, EOC Siren Freqs

    Hey all, Does anyone happen to know what freq the EOC uses in Lancaster county for civil defense siren activation? Any chance EOC has a POCSAG system also? PS. any cool simplex stuff out and about. Cheers KE0EWO
  4. melona380

    Lancater county encryption

    so... umm its fall lol when do they plan to encrypt. I know from a "state official" that we will be joining another network ie interoperability. Ao what do you guys think are we joining NESR or ORIAN? Also from my understanding as a former dispatcher out of south Dakota its a pain in the...
  5. melona380

    Lancaster county Pageing systems

    Are there any POCSAG or FLEX systems in Lincoln besides St e's ?
  6. AK4FD

    Catawba County info

    Hello guys & gals, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have successfully mapped out all of the Lincoln & Catawba County Fire & EMS pager tones for all their stations, finally... Now I am beginning a new project: mapping out the Catawba County Sheriff stuff. Currently I have begun recording...
  7. AK4FD

    Lincoln County DMR??

    Is there anyone else here in Lincoln County, specifically Lincolnton? Lincolnton PD is on UHF 460.450 MHz and normally there isn't any issues, however for the past few days there has been some major interference on their channel. At first I thought it was just bleed-over from another agency...
  8. AK4FD

    Lincoln County database page update...

    Hello all The Lincoln County, NC database info is slightly out-dated by a few years, so I am going to update you on it. I have verified this information with my own eyes & ears, radios & scanners... I will make a chart below of what is currently on there, and below that I will make a chart of...
  9. AK4FD

    Lincoln County Fire Tones

    Hi guys & gals, I have compiled a list of the Fire Station tones for Lincoln County Fire agencies. I will begin on working on Catawba County tomorrow. As far as Lincoln County, the tones are Motorola QC-II type. The tone frequencies are in Hz frequencies & I will also list its...
  10. AK4FD

    Lincoln County Fire VHF

    I have a question y'all. I'm visiting family from out-of-state, and I am tuned in to Lincoln County Fire Dispatch. There have been several times today on calls where the FireFighters advised on the radio they were switching operations to Tac 2. However I am not able to find Tac 2 anywhere. I...
  11. scanthewaves

    PPL in Lincoln County Area

    Does anyone have the frequency for Pacific Power and Light in the Lincoln County area? yesterday we had a logging truck run into a power lines nearby here in Otis and we lost power, luckily it lasted an hour, could have been worse. I checked the two frequencies I had from before we moved into...
  12. AK4FD

    Lincoln County/Lincolnton??

    Is anybody monitoring Lincoln County Sheriff/Lincolnton PD or Highway Patrol for Lincoln County? I just had 12 patrol cars (mixed of Lincoln Sheriff, Lincolnton PD, & Highway Patrol) whizz passed me doing like 80+ MPH with blue lights/siren... Sounds pretty serious, was wondering if anyone...
  13. jiminj

    Final list for rebanding lincoln nebraska

    EDACS REBAND LIST: TESTED AND WORKS: This is the latest: So far this is what I have 1-856.2125 2-857.2125 3-858.2125 4-859.2125 5-854.0125cc 6-856.7125 7-857.7125 8-858.7125 9-859.7125 10-854.5875 11-856.4625 12-857.4625 13-858.4625 14-859.4625 15-854.1875 16-856.9625 17-857.9625 18-858.9625...
  14. jiminj

    Nebraska, Lincoln

    Trunked system is off air..Did they go digital?
  15. C

    Lincoln Fire 154.445

    I've seen on Radioreference and the CARMA profile Lincoln Fire listed as using 154.445 (110.9). Last weekend when I was there, I heard them using 154.445 (186.2). Does another user use 110.9 or is that just bad info?
  16. NeFire242

    Ashland Fire - 1310 Silver St - Working Structure Fire

    Ashland Fire Call - 1310 Silver St - working structure fire - now 3 bldgs totally involved. Fire first started in the old dance studio which had a fire 2 years ago in the same bldg. Fire has since spread to two other bldgs. One with an apt at the top which is vacant. There has been a partial...
  17. gmclam

    Lincoln multi-family structure fire

    Lincoln fire has been dispatched to a multi-family structure fire. They have requested aid from Roseville, Rocklin, South Placer and CDF. Lincoln PD is doing traffic control. This seems like a lot of response for what sounded like a "routine" fire call. EDIT: Staging on White fire 2...