1. I

    BC125AT: If anyone still uses the 125AT, I made a tool to program it natively on Linux. I hope it can help someone!

    Hi everyone. The 125AT was/is my first scanner, and I've fallen in love with it. I found there's no easy way to program its settings or channels on Linux. There's bc125at-perl, but it's finicky at best. So, I present to you: bc125py! It's written in python, and can read and write to/from your...
  2. B

    Gqrx SDR Scanner for Linux (Maybe Mac Too)

    Gqrx is a wonderful program for SDRs on Linux. If you have it installed already and have bookmarks of frequencies you have tagged as something like Aircraft, EMS, Marine, etc., you can turn Gqrx into a scanner with gqrx-scan (Khaytsus / gqrx-scan · GitLab). BUT... how do you set it up to where...
  3. N

    USB Sound Cards under Linux - recommendations needed

    This is somewhat complex but may help others who are considering doing same: I have an i7-3770S-based "signage" PC (Shuttle DS61) that I installed the latest Linux Mint 19.x on. It also has VirtualBox and a number of VMs which are used to run various scanner control software packages. The PC...
  4. J

    P25 Conventional - Header Info Collection

    Good day everyone. First off I would like to thank this excellent community for all the help they offer people. I would like to also thank all the open source developers in regards to SDR and GR. I have a question for the community and hopefully someone out there may have an answer. I have...
  5. bobruzzo

    Need help with WINE and installing a WIN program

    Need help.....I am using my Linux (MX Linux) computer. I installed WINE. I also downloaded the Windows program "Freescan" so I can program my scanner. I unzipped the file, and can't get WINE to cooperate.....I keep getting errors: Unhandled Exception: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load...
  6. AB5ID

    OP25 daytime and nighttime Whitelist

    I would like to change my OP25 whitelist based on the time of day. I'm running a single instance of OP25 in terminal mode launched with the command line: ./ --args 'rtl' -N 'LNA:47' -S 1000000 -o 25000 -T trunk.tsv -V -w -2 -U 2>stderr.2 --crypt-behavior 2 In the evenings, I change my...
  7. kilocharlie8

    R8600 New IC-R8600 software, need some testers

    Hi All, My friends and I have been working on some software to control recent Icom transceivers. The software is called "wfview". We have noticed that the IC-R8600 seems to have a similar network (ethernet) protocol to the IC-9700, IC-7850, and IC-705, but to date we have yet to actually test...
  8. KC3SNR

    ProScan - Wine/Linux wiki is dated - unable to connect to any COM

    Been running Linux for the last ten years. Holds my network together... Excited to find out that there is a ProScan installation under wine but the problem is it will cough up and ask for a 32bit prefix and never run or it will run like clockwork and refuse to release COM's - 'the COM port is...
  9. I

    FMP24 with Linux and Wine

    Hello, I've successfully been using the public release of DSD+ on Linux with Wine and external audio input from PulseAudio Virtual Sinks but after upgrading to the fast lane version noticed many new improvements when running FMP instead of an external audio source. I'm wondering if anyone has...
  10. DomW

    SDRTrunk "FIX" SDRTrunk fonts too small on Linux HiDPI

    I hope this helps anyone else that runs into the same problem. This fixed the micro fonts I was only getting with SDRTrunk on my Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon desktop on my MacBook Pro Retina display. This did not appear to affect any other apps. GDK_SCALE=2 ./SDRTrunk/bin/sdr-trunk
  11. N4VX

    CC scraping from RR database on the Linux CLI

    Ever wanted to know ALL the frequencies used as control channels on the 1FC system, in numerical order (according to the RR database)? Run the command below on a linux system in your favorite terminal emulator and it will spit out the info with the total control channel count at the end of the...
  12. S

    Linux Based Motorola SmartZoneII Decoder?

    I am looking for a linux based Motorola Smart Zone II decoder compatible to RTL-SDR dongles. I have 3 of them. I tried SDRTrunk but it won't do it. I can't run a virtual box it'll be top much on my laptop. Windows has a few but anything that looks like a 'penguin', or linux, doesn't have one but...
  13. J

    SDRplay video showing non windows workflow

    SDRplay have released a video showing how to get started with the non windows work flow for RSP receivers. The video is a step-by-step guide to the installation process for people using non-windows platforms such as Linux or Raspberry Pi and who want to build their own configuration (i.e. not...
  14. J

    Updated SDRplay libraries for non-windows workflows

    SDRplay have released updated software support for the RSP1, RSP1A, RSP2, RSP2pro and the new RSPduo for multiple platforms. As part of our plans to increase the software support for the RSPduo, we have updated 2 key libraries to enable single tuner mode functionality using API 2.13 on all...
  15. S

    OP25 Talkgroup Priority

    Putting this question out there to see if anyone has had similar thoughts. I have OP25 successfully running on a dedicated xUbuntu machine and have explored it thoroughly. But I was wondering if implementing talkgroup priorities would be possible. I imagine this would be implemented in...
  16. P

    Unitrunker, Linux and WINE

    From searching I know this topic comes up often, but i'm stuck. I've managed to install Unitrunker on Linux via WINE, but when trying to run the software I get the winusb.dll is missing error. I installed winusb.dll from my Win10 PC into WINE's windows/system32 folder, but I continue to get the...
  17. J

    Non-windows SDRplay Command Line Tool examples updated

    For those of you developing your own applications, SDRplay have updated the play_sdr command line tool on their GitHub repository ( ) to support both the RSP1 and RSP2. This tool also supports 16bit or 8bit output so that it can be used in conjunction with...
  18. W

    Freescan: FreeSCAN on Minty Wine, lockup[ importing from RR & crashing upload / download

    Hi all, Working on updating my BC396XT with a laptop Running Mint Linux 18 and Wine (32-bit prefix per instructions here on RR). Same setup works on another laptop running Windows7 (64-bit). So far communications with the radio and edit features of FreeSCAN 2.17 & 2.18-beta6 are working...
  19. I

    BCD536HP: Set Up a VPN for Uniden Siren On Linux In 20 Easy Steps

    A serious but lighthearted tutorial just in time for the holidays Set Up a VPN for Uniden Siren On Linux In 20 Easy Steps - Album on Imgur ENJOY ! 73 ~ilken
  20. B

    Raspberry Pi Updated Instructions?

    I am unable to get my feed up using the main build instructions Raspberry Pi Broadcastify Build - The RadioReference Wiki However, I was able to use these older? instructions from 2009 but as it says in the edit at the top, does not restart darkice upon reboot. Live Audio/Ubuntu Darkice - The...