1. M

    DMR logs from Heathrow Airport area - London, United Kingdom

    Quick DMR logs from London Heathrow Airport from hotel - London, United Kingdom - August,2019 ______________________________________________________________________________________________ DMR TypeIII 13 1.3 - Trunked System Ch.129/130 - 440.7875 - DCC:0 Ch.145/146 - 440.8875 - DCC:0 Ch.149/150...
  2. Lon_prepper

    Mesh Networking

    Hello, I am new to ham radio (I'm getting my license at the end of this year hopefully). I've been looking into mesh networking as a possible proposal to my club for ARES and I was wondering if there are any cheaper radios that I could buy that run on the 13cm band, if anyone could give insight...
  3. H

    New to Scanning in London, Ontario

    Hi All, I am new to the London, Ontario area, coming from Waterloo Region, and I am wondering what the best options are for scanning emergency services in London/Middlesex area? I have a Realistic Pro-2001 and Uniden Bearcat BC346XTC. I am wondering if there are any older setups which the...
  4. H

    streaming of local police service scanner

    i live in london, on, canada... and i would love to get my hometown police service streamed online. if there is anyone out there who can let me know if there will be (or already is) a streaming feed
  5. mtindor

    MARCS-IP ("New MARCS") Site and Talkgroup Discussion

    A new 700 Mhz license application is pending for Ohio MARCS - Cuyahoga Co Project 700 Mhz 5 sites Simulcast Click HERE to view the pending application Click HERE for a Google Map of the sites LOCATIONS Cleveland, OH (CUYAHOGA) Warrensville Hts, OH (CUYAHOGA) Mayfield, OH (CUYAHOGA)...
  6. citylink_uk

    TETRA for London 2012 Olympics

    London, UK - THE company behind the national secure radio system that links police, fire and ambulance has been awarded the contract to build and install a dedicated £11m TETRA radio network for the 2012 London Olympics. Airwave Solutions Ltd, once part of the mobile-phone group O2, will hook...