long island

  1. F

    Looking for advice. No longer able to receive FRES OPS 3 Suffolk county

    Hello. Currently using BCT15X. Been listening to FRES Ops 3 for quite awhile now without issues but about 2 days ago I stopped receiving. Thought it was a programing issue so I reprogramed using Free Scan and using the radio reference database. I even switched to a back up radio and same issue...
  2. may2700

    Suffolk County Long island is going Full encrypted in 2029

    Heard from a reliable source that Suffolk county is going FULL encryption in 2029. im so upset
  3. w2lie

    Long Isand DMR Cap System on 460.225

    I noticed earlier today that my scanner was locked on 460.225 with a dead carrier. I was too lazy (sick today) to press the avoid key to allow my scanner to move on. To my surprise, I started hearing DMR data traffic on this frequency. Color code 1 and the display said CAP. I fired up DSD+...
  4. K

    Reliable and afforable mobile unit that work in Suffolk County?

    Already have a Baofeng UV5R+, Uniden BC355n and Kenwood TM-V71a in my truck but I'd really like something that will allow me to pick up Suffolk County PD. Was looking at this one below but not sure if it'll work. Uniden Beartracker BCT15X...
  5. sefrischling

    NCFC 46.10 X-Band - 460.2250

    Anyone know if 460.2250 , the 46.10 cross band for Nassau FireCom works county wide?
  6. Danny37

    Reception in the NYC Metro Area.

    Just thought this may interest some, being located in the NYC Metro Area I mainly Monitor NYC public safety, Recently I've tried to see how far I can receive on my Homepatrol-1 with a Diamond RH77CA antenna attached. This is stationary at my desk at home located in Brooklyn, NY on the 4 floor...
  7. Danny37

    Chaos on NYC/LI ham repeaters, whats going on?

    It's starting to sound like cb on these repeater as jammers are using fake or stolen callsigns and are jamming, cussing and playing music. I remember scanning these bands a couple years back and it wasn't like this now i locked this band on my scanner as its disappointing to hear. It's the hams...
  8. w2lie

    Hurricane Sandy Frequency Summary

    All, I am working on my next column for the "Scanner Digest Newsletter", and was looking for input from those in lower NY (Long Island, NYC, Westchester). My current work conditions only allowed me to monitor via 'table top' scanning. In other words, back of radio telescoping antennas only...
  9. FallenAnjel

    Blackhawks flying over Eastern Long Island

    I live in Rocky Point and I have a friend who lives in Calverton. Saw a couple blackhawks this morning about 11:30 am. Then a friend posted they just flew over HER house about 12. Well, sure enough, 8 minutes later they were over my house again, then they pretty much stayed out east. I...
  10. A

    former Explorer steals public safety radios from fire/ems department

    already posted on a different forum, http://forums.radioreference.com/community-announcements-news/172336-18-year-old-charged-stealing-radios-suffolk-co-ny.html
  11. M

    Buying a portable

    I work ems out in suffolk county and am interested in buying a portable to take with me to the different jobs i work. I was looking at the FT-60R by yaesu. Will this work for most of the departments? and can i scan the frequencies i have stored in it???? I am new to this so take it easy on me....