1. C

    Proscan Software Looping

    I am running two instances of PROSCAN software on the same windows 10 computer connected to two BCD996P2 . I am streaming to Broadcastify on two separate channels. Every month or so the audio starts to loop on a couple of seconds of voice. Both channels at the same time. I reset the...
  2. C


    Hello. I am new to SDR listening and just purchased one of these magnetic loop antennas. I was planning on mounting it on the roof along with a discone for wideband listening/decoding. I understand these can be rotated but how much difference does that make? Is that primarily to reduce the...
  3. vagrant

    Loop Upgrade

    Well, after reading a few websites today and using an online loop calculator, I upgraded my Chameleon F-Loop by doubling the efficiency. I did this based on the numbers for increased loop diameter, as well as the diameter of the conductor (the coax) itself. I was using 94" of LMR-400 that was...
  4. M

    Best <$300 radio or receiver for Wellbrook loop and SSB reception?

    I am looking to put $200 ish into a new radio or receiver. My goal is pleasant, copyable audio over SSB. I like to listen to weather and aircraft transmissions. I've gotten great results from a Lowe HF-150- everything else seems to be ok but not awesome. I lost my Lowe in a flood, and am not...
  5. Deziel0495

    Need help with Ground Loop Isolator

    I purchased a ground loop isolator from Scannermaster (Isolator Cable Male To Male) to try and help with a hum and general background noise on my feed. However, when I plug it in, it silences the feed completely. Even if I turn all my volume levels all the way up, you can barely hear anything...
  6. cj5

    Can You Identify this Antenna?

    The loop looking thing with the horizontal crossing bars in the upper left hand part of the photo (to the right of the guy in the orange suit).
  7. L

    The simple Coax Loop works

    I think there was a thread, somewhere on here, about making a simple loop antenna from coaxial cable. I'd been plagued by harsh QRM and electrical buzz at night time, which hampered LW/MW Dx during these hours. My homemade loops had been made out of standard insulated electrical wire. I've seen...