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    Hi all! It's been a WHILE since I've been here. I hope you are all doing well. I am trying to put together a comprehensive frequency list, database and - of course - program my scanner with any/all frequencies in the heart of Hollywood, CA (my hood). Police/fire/normal stuff is all covered, but...
  2. N

    LASD Dispatch 1 Altadena

    I've been monitoring LA Co Sheriff Dispatch 1 Altadena / Crescenta and I've heard 0 radio traffic including L-Tac 8 which is shared with Santa Clarita, anyone else notice or am I now in a dead zone ? I haven't been listening much, but I suspect they might be on C-Tac ?
  3. kf6olc

    What are the main ARES/RACES nets for Los Angeles County?

    I'm programming my Kenwood Th-D72 radio for travel to Los Angeles. What are the main ARES/RACES nets for Los Angeles County? Thanks,KF6OLC
  4. HAMKM6

    Need advice from the group...

    I'm new to the scanning world. I'm a HAM and am looking into purchasing a digital trunking scanner. However I'm reading on this forum that there is increasingly less to listen to due to the shift to encrypted communication. Is it still worth it?
  5. D

    Los Angeles LAPD LASD Radio Zones and Channel Setup

    Hello, Does anyone know how LAPD or LASD have their radio's setup? Which channel's/freqs are in which zones? Are they all setup the same or does each station/area have theirs setup however they want? Thanks.
  6. O

    Most Active Analog Trunked Systems in LA

    Hi. I'm relatively new to scanning. I listen in the Los Angeles area. I have a Uniden BCT15X scanner and love it. I have a number of conventional systems programmed and humming along including LASD, CHP, and LAFD. However, I'm having less success finding analog trunked systems with lots of...
  7. kearthfan101

    AMR LA County UHF frequencies

    So I think the forums have basically covered the deal with AMR and low band in Los Angeles County. But what about UHF? I can confirm the use of Green 1 & 2 in the AV & Santa Clarita, but I need some assistance in finding out if the other UHF channels are still active. Santa Clarita 460.55, 100...
  8. S

    Los Angeles Frequency's Unknown

    I was free scanning this morning and found 172.4500MHz NAC 148 anyone know what agency this is ? assuming its federal somekind of Law Enforcement activity
  9. K

    LA-RICS - A New Beginning?

    I was surfing around the ICIS site today and noticed a comment that LA-RICS did not plan to lobby the FCC to keep the UHF-T band....so I did some more looking, and saw LA-RICS has a new plan to build their system with all 96 (48 pairs) of the 700 Mhz frequencies and existing 800 Mhz frequencies...
  10. T

    LASD New Busy Tones

    Hello All, I have heard on my radio as of this morning (not last night) that LA County Sheriff Dispatch 13 (could also be others but this is all I can receive) is utilizing new busy tones (which is when a field unit talks to dispatch and the patch is not in use.) Has anyone heard this on other...
  11. mes90265

    Los Angeles County Fire MDC ID Databse

    Hey All, I've recently started a little project mapping out the mdc id's for LA County fire. I don't know if anyone has an interest -- I do know some people however are avid listeners of the county system and it might be helpful or just nice to have mdc decoding working for your alpha display...
  12. S

    Injured and ailing people wait as dispatch problems slow LAFD

    Los Angeles, CA - When the machine swallowed her hand, slicing off one finger and mangling the rest, Tania Wafer's co-workers tried frantically to stop the bleeding as a supervisor dialed 911. Read more: L.A. Times

    Los Angeles (South Bay) Feed Survey

    Since this feed has gotten so busy, I'm thinking about deleting Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach Police and Fire from the lineup as it's already being carried by another feed provider. Here's the dilemma: On one hand, it's nice to have all the South Bay cities centralized in one feed and not...
  14. K

    Los Angeles, CA - What we have is a failure to communicate

    The Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System is supposed to link all of L.A. County's first responders. But its status is uncertain. Blame sloppiness, recriminations and politics. http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-newton-column-20110611,0,2121450.columnL
  15. Pendarvis69

    L.A. TV/Film/Entertainment Frequencies

    Does anyone have a good source (or private collection) of cool Los Angeles area frequencies not usually published in a normal database? Specifically- I'm interested in: Movie Production/TV Production (The wireless mics they use as well as gneral filming communiaction) Also - Television and radio...
  16. Pendarvis69

    Noob: GRE PSR 500

    If you have no patience ... Move along! I guess I can't really call myself a 'newbie'. I've been scanning for my entire life (and i'm old enough to remember the 70's!) I've even owned 'trunking' scanners, but i've never gotten full use of them because for some reason I just can't grasp the...
  17. K

    Los Angeles - Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2

    Photos are linked from Flickr...from PartyWithPanda I listened to this a couple hours last night...but the giant 2-day rave at the Los Angeles Coliseum keeps going with plenty of comms from various areas in and around the stadium. LAFD Prevention 856.9375 LAFD Tac 15 859.7625 LAFD EMS 10...
  18. N

    Los Angeles County ICIS

    Does any one know if Burbank PD and Verdugo Fire are now encoded? My scanner (Uniden BCD396T) seems to have gone quiet.
  19. S

    LAPD On Scannerlive

    I'm in the UK and am new to all this stuf so I'll explain. A couple of days ago I downloaded Scannerlive and it was great it was picking up radios all around the world. Then I decided to listen to the LAPD radio and instanly enjoyed that one. I was listening to them for two days and it was fine...
  20. scanfan22

    Down LA area repeaters

    Hello gang, I have a few questions about some local ham repeaters: Does anyone know when the 147.270 Mt. Disappointment repeater will be back up? Does anyone know what is wrong with the 145.300 repeater? Do they accept guest check-ins for the 147.330 net? Does MARS 447.820 repeater have a...