los angeles

  1. K

    Los Angeles - Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2

    Photos are linked from Flickr...from PartyWithPanda I listened to this a couple hours last night...but the giant 2-day rave at the Los Angeles Coliseum keeps going with plenty of comms from various areas in and around the stadium. LAFD Prevention 856.9375 LAFD Tac 15 859.7625 LAFD EMS 10...
  2. N

    Los Angeles County ICIS

    Does any one know if Burbank PD and Verdugo Fire are now encoded? My scanner (Uniden BCD396T) seems to have gone quiet.
  3. S

    LAPD On Scannerlive

    I'm in the UK and am new to all this stuf so I'll explain. A couple of days ago I downloaded Scannerlive and it was great it was picking up radios all around the world. Then I decided to listen to the LAPD radio and instanly enjoyed that one. I was listening to them for two days and it was fine...
  4. scanfan22

    Down LA area repeaters

    Hello gang, I have a few questions about some local ham repeaters: Does anyone know when the 147.270 Mt. Disappointment repeater will be back up? Does anyone know what is wrong with the 145.300 repeater? Do they accept guest check-ins for the 147.330 net? Does MARS 447.820 repeater have a...
  5. M

    Is it possible to get scanner recordings for West L.A. Police

    Anyone who can help? I discovered this site by accident and I'm not too techy savvy with regards to scanners and such. I'd like to get the stream recording for West L.A. Police for May 26, 2008. Is this at all possible? If possible I'd also like to get 9-1-1 incident call. Sorry if i'm...