1. S

    Question from Newbie - Orange County Fire MetroNet districts

    Been a radio listener for many-many years. Switched to online sites since things became trunked years ago as I didn't have the equipment to follow those. I'm not sure if this is the correct page, forum or even site, but I'm hoping I could get my question answered. I've been searching off and...
  2. B

    Dallas District Maps

    Does anyone know of any maps or websites that show the different police districts ie.. central, south, west and so forth. just moved her and trying to figure out where I should be listening to what.
  3. D

    Nice site for determining counties for an area

    Hey there, I was looking around for a good tool to see county names in an unfamiliar area so I could program my scanner accordingly. Here's a nifty site I found: County Boundary Map When you click on the map, it highlights the county boundaries for the area you clicked. It also builds a...
  4. KT7L

    UCAN Talk Group Rules/ Rural Rpt Maps

    In case anyone missed it, here's a link to the UCAN site for a new memo on TG Usage, dated Jan 30th 2009. Also note, you can print out reference maps of the rural UCAN repeater sites by going to: The Utah Communication Agency Networks