1. T

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Programming BCD996P2 for Dummies

    Hi. I’m trying to program my BCD996P2 and am just scratching the surface on the scanner world. I’ve downloaded ProScan, was able to find the local system and upload to the scanner (the com port / usb port hurdle was a hoot 😅). I’m having difficulty picking up all the area’s frequency for fire...
  2. SpectralContent

    Kenwood NX-3720 wanted

    Looking for a new or used NX-3720. Message me if you have one you would like to sell/trade! Email: Thanks
  3. SpectralContent

    Loyola University Maryland Public Safety Encrypted

    It appears that Loyola University Maryland Public Safety Capacity+ DMR system has unfortunately become encrypted recently. Has anyone monitored this system as of late to know when it might have changed to an encrypted network? It was not encrypted as of late 2019/early 2020. According to DSD+...
  4. Bjc123

    Montgomery County Unit ID list

    I am going through and making myself a list of Unit IDs and adding them into my HP-2 using HomePatrol Sentinel. I was just wondering if anyone already had a list? if so it would be greatly appreciated if you could share it. I was looking at MCPD and MCFRS in particular. Thanks :), Bradley.
  5. Bjc123

    Question Regarding MCFR Freqs

    Hello, I am curious about what the fire station-specific freqs are used for. For example MCFR 7B5E ( Station 13 MCFR ). I'm wondering what they use this channel for. The second sort of add on question to this is what do they use the MCFR 7B5O ( 7B5O Battalion 5 Announcement ) Channel for...
  6. Bjc123

    Metropolitan Subdivison

    Hello does anyone know what days and times the metropolitan subdivision railroad in MD gets busy I am thinking about rail-fanning on Sunday but I am not sure it will be busy Thanks Bradley Clinton
  7. villlythekid

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Need Help Programming System

    I am using FreeScan to try to program this system: Prince George's County Trunking System, Various, Maryland - Scanner Frequencies (Prince George's County Trunking System) I went onto Reddit to r/policescanner and someone sent me a 996 file through with the system set-up, but it...
  8. T

    Frustrated Newbie BCD436HP

    I've been trying for 2 weeks to get something on the new scanner, my Iphone 5.0 police scanner App gets more action than my scanner. I tried the zipcode location, the favorites with Sentinel, bought a 800Mhz antenna, no great increase in activity. My questions What is the best software? Any...
  9. screenersam

    WS 1080?

    So apparently the Whistler WS-1080 does what the X36 does, maybe better. Anyone have one in Maryland? I'm thinking about grabbing one wi my refund (if any).
  10. W7FDX

    Identifying Antennas

    Just wanted some help identifying these antennas because I have no idea what they are used for. They are located along I-83 South outside of Baltimore, MD. Dont mind my black radio antenna in the top picture on the right. .
  11. S

    Baltimore County Fire Dept box maps

    I am trying to find fire box maps for Baltimore County FD. I have some vary vary old ones from years ago when I was volunteer, and they really don't work well anymore. If anyone would happen to have a copy of them I could get, or if someone can advise me where I can get them, I would truly...
  12. C

    Maryland I95 Corridor

    I notice that the maryland State Police Patrol for the I95 corridor from Delaware sate line to DC beltway no longer come over my VHF radio. Did they move? Change bands. The regional I95 UHF patrol around Baltimore seems to be silent as well. Any ideas or data? Thank you.
  13. gonzalu

    JSOH Airshow

    Hello everyone, I am looking for help with my Airshow setup for JSOH Airshow next year and in general. I have a file I created but I am not sure if it is good enough ... could someone look at it for me and make suggestions? If anyone is willing to share their FreeSCAN, ARC or UASD files for the...
  14. scanningman

    Code Adam on MSP channel...

    Was just listening to the scanner and heard "code adam" on the msp channel. I assume it actually means code a, but anyways, does anyone know what this means? The officer responded "code adam positive" and really made me curious.
  15. kdemmons


    I recently purchased this unit because of upgrades in my area to the radio system to a P25 system. But from day one I have had trouble receiving transmissions clearly. On some of the frequencies I get a pretty high ERR rate to the point where it can not be understood, I have moved this unit...
  16. Cole_Holocker

    Help with Newbie

    Hi Guys, I'm new to all this and am looking to purchase a scanner for the holidays. Below are some of the things i am looking for. Any help would be appreciated. Looking to Scan Carroll County Fire/Rescue, Carroll County Sherriffs dept, Maryland State Police, Howard County Police/Fire/Rescue...
  17. cwerntz

    Allegany Co - Trunked or Conventional?

    I am a frequent passer through the county and I remain mystified by the UHF system. The listings in the database seems to suggest that there are about 4 frequencies on each of 4 towers (Big Savage, Dan's Mountain, Haystack Mountain, Luke Hill, and perhaps Town Hill). Monitoring, I hear...
  18. R

    Westminster City Police Live Broadcast

    I just started to broadcast Westminster City Police.. Please give it a listen and give me some feed back as what you guys wanna hear... Thanks Rob
  19. AC2C

    New User - Howard County, Maryland

    I'm new to the group and have tried a forum search but did not get what I was looking for. I'd like to discuss some scanner issues with other in Howard County, MD. Please email me: AC2C [at] Verizon [dot] Net Thanks, Ron, AC2C