1. B

    Fleetsync Vs. MDC1200

    My business partner and I are looking at setting up a repeater for multiple users to lease time on. And it is my understanding that Fleetsync and MDC do the exact same job by Identifying the radio that is transmitting. We are looking at the pros and cons but I'm leaning probably more toward the...
  2. Danny37

    MTS2000 MDC problem

    I recently got an MTS2000 model 1 radio. I programmed some frequencies for MDC and it mutes it just fine but it sometimes doesn't display ID's on the screen. I thought it could just be a repeater problem etc but when I put it side by side with my xts5000, I noticed the xts would display ID's all...
  3. CopperWhopper67

    Motorola XTS5000 5000R Model I - Question

    I am in the market for my first professional Motorola radio and I am heavily considering an XTS5000 Model I with the MPN:H18KEC9PW5AN. Does this radio support MDC1200 Signalling? How arduous is it to program this radio? Any other information can be provided upon request. Thanks!
  4. P

    Motorola XPR 7550E MDC1200 Emergency Revert Problem

    Hello all, I've searched around everywhere looking for a solution to my problem but can't find one unfortunately. I'm programming a brand new XPR 7550E in VHF analog mode, and I need the emergency MDC1200 message to be sent on the current radios selected channel. In the drop down menu in the...
  5. zacsharpe

    XTS MDC Decoding

    Does an XTS model radio require "Enhanced Digital ID Display" to decode and display MDC on the screen on an Analog Conventional channel? Thanks in advance, Zac
  6. SirJ

    IC-F70DT MDC1200 settings

    Can someone guide me along with setting up a MDC Encode and Decode on the ICOM Ic-F70DT? (radio is MDC Compliant) It is just not as easy as the Motorola CPS :-/
  7. DylanMadigan

    Can I set names for MDC1200 IDs on the CDM1550-LS+?

    I know many MDC radios can do this but I'm not sure how. I have Professional Radio CPS (I think an older version) and I see an option to set the ID, but I dont see anywhere where i could be like "ID 1234 displays as Test Radio" or "ID 0217 displays as Vehicle 2-17".
  8. DylanMadigan

    Can I get MDC1200 installed on my Baofengs somehow?

    I have 35 Baofeng BF-888s Radios I wish to have an MDC1200 preamble on. I found one guy who said he can install a chip that he can program for me, but he was very shady, I don't trust him lol. Basically what I want is it to give off an ID and have that second of tone that keeps you from...
  9. marksroberson

    Ht1000 page Acknowledge

    I have a HT1000 UHF I talk on local repeaters with to another Motorola guy. He can send me pages with MDC1200 on repeaters without a delay and I recieve them fine but what I want to do is make my HT1000 send a acknowledgement page back to him, I can not find a setting in the MDC options page for...
  10. C

    Need Some Kenwood MDC1200 OpCodes

    I am squawking commands and decoding squawks to/from Kenwood radios in the field. I am good on most of the opcodes, but I still need the opcodes for call/unit alert command and ack, and emergency ack (to the radio). Thanks
  11. gordonfan954

    XTS 2500 MDC

    I have an XTS2500 Model 3 with FPP. When I have the radio scanning, it doesn't mute MDC, but when it is not scanning, it mutes perfectly. I have gone through the CPS and have not found anything in the scan configuration. I have DOS enabled. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  12. A

    MDC1200 complaints

    There has been a sudden complaint of the post MDC chirp in my area of my county. Three departments in my immediate area use the system with proper and matching IDs and has been very beneficial in the field and in trainings together for years. The complainer does not use the system so I think...
  13. K

    Decode MDC-1200, GE-STAR and FleetSync on your iPhone

    I've been working on open-source libraries to decode these formats for some years, and I finally took the time to create an iPhone app that does all three. Available as of this afternoon in the app store at MDC-1200, GE-STAR, and...
  14. Danny37

    Vmde-200 decode issues, help

    I have an vmde-200 installed in my vx-929, the radio decodes mdc1200 but doesn't decode DOS mdc1200? Is there anything I can do to make it work. Plus when it decodes mdc it makes a chirp instead of the squawk how can I fix this as well?
  15. ka9rxk

    IC-F70 & F80DT MDC1200 Question

    Hi, I have an Icom IC-F70DT & IC-F80DT. Both have the following firmware versions: Rev 3.0 / P25 Rev 2.8u. My Icom programming software is CS-F70/F1700 Version 2.2. I recently joined an amateur radio group that requires MDC1200 for access (FishFAR in Chicago). It requires a 1200ms delay...
  16. mes90265

    Los Angeles County Fire MDC ID Databse

    Hey All, I've recently started a little project mapping out the mdc id's for LA County fire. I don't know if anyone has an interest -- I do know some people however are avid listeners of the county system and it might be helpful or just nice to have mdc decoding working for your alpha display...
  17. WQAJ741

    MDC 1200 muting on ht750

    Before anyone tells me to use the search function, I have... a lot....I have what I hope to be a simple question. I'm tired of hearing the MDC burst on my radio and want to mute it just to hear the chirp. (RX only) I've tried messing around with the DOS function but have had no luck. Every time...
  18. A

    Abell A-81

    Abell A-81 is a super valued radio with many signals. 2-Tone, 5-Tone, DTMF, PTT-ID, ADC1200(compatible with MDC1200), all these features enable users to manage a working team easily. What's more, IP67 dust and water proof class allows you to wash the A-81 even it can be immersed into 0.5m water...
  19. centuryvrproductions

    MDC Decoding

    I have a radio system for when i go dirtbiking, I am trying to find a free MDC1200 Decoder on the computer through the soundcard. and suggestions?
  20. R

    Midian ANI-F on Motorola P100

    I recently bought a pair of Motorola P100 radios on eBay, and found that they didn't have MDC-1200 like I would have liked. So I did research and came across the Midian ANI-F multi-format encoder chip. For $80 it's a good deal considering it encodes all ANIs available. Before I purchase it, does...