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    Miami-Dade Police

    Using a BCD436HP, seems to be picking up the system and the sites, but there are almost no communications. Are they using this system? Do I need additional equipment to hear them?
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    Miami Dade County System

    I own a BC246T that I have not used in a couple of years. Recently, in the last few months I've been able to use it to monitor MDPD. However, I have other county groups I have recently been interested in listening because of where I work (Miami Dade Transit). Do the "recent" changes in the...
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    Miami Dade Police Dispatch Channels

    If anyone is familiar with the Country Club area of Miami. It's just north of Miami Lakes. Approximately at NW 186th Street and NW 67th Ave., My actual question is if you are familiar with the area, which dispatch channel is appropriate? North or Miami Lakes? I saw a post from someone who...