Hyundai Air and Sea Show 2020 - Blue Angels Flyover


Aug 11, 2023
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Hello fellow enthusiasts! Mickey Markoff here, Executive Producer of the Air and Sea Show in South Florida. I recently stumbled upon a forum discussion from 2021 about the show and saw a great contribution from user JimD56 regarding the Blue Angels Flyover. Since the original thread is now closed, I thought this piece of information might be useful for those interested in the broadcasts.

A brief history - in 2020, the Hyundai Air and Sea Show couldn't go on as planned due to the pandemic. However, we made a shift to honor our healthcare heroes who were battling bravely on the frontlines, by organizing a special Blue Angels flyover. It was deeply meaningful for us, and from the looks of it, many here also appreciated the aerial dynamics of the event.

Big shoutout to JimD56 for sharing those valuable insights! Here are the flyover details:

United States Navy Blue Angels

Airshow - Aerial Operations

* Denotes current year use
Frequency License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
237.80000BMBA8 SolosSolos Out of Box * AM Military
275.35000BMBA9 DiamondDiamond Out of Box * AM Military
305.90000BMBA10 BertFat Albert * AM Military
284.25000BMBA16 BoxShow Box * AM Military
255.20000BMBA17 ArrivalArrival - Circle/Arrivals Discrete AM Military
246.50000BMBA20"Comm 20" AM Military
251.60000BMBA18 PreflightPreflight * AM Military
289.80000BMBA RefuelingAerial Refueling AM Military

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