1. R

    Minitor 5 arduino programming?

    I have all the wiring set up and it starts to read through the port but eventually gives a read error when its complete, does anyone know if I'm missing anything or doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help
  2. C

    Montgomery County, OH. Fire Pager Tones

    I am in search of the page tone outs for Vandalia in Montgomery County Ohio. I am aware of the page located here: Montgomery County (OH) - The RadioReference Wiki but after I programmed the Vandalia tones into my minitior v I cannot get the tones to sounds when I know they're getting dispatched...
  3. F

    Minitor 5 Question

    Hi Everyone. Does being on Wideband in a bank for normal scan make any difference in reception of the channel? It's unchecked on all banks as of now. Ive been getting a lot of static after each transmission too when the carrier drops for just transmissions and not 2 tone pages. Are those...
  4. E

    Minitor Minitor 6 Scanning after an Alert

    While the pager is on selective call, after an alert, the pager will scan the channel for some reason. Not sure what I have to do in the programmer to fix it
  5. Lakes_Region_Comms

    Minitor IV

    Hi all, I recently bought a minitor IV (model number: A03KUS7238AC) off of Fleabay, and I programmed it all to my needs, I have positions B And D set up to vibrate, it will not vibrate, even in test mode. I was wondering if there was a Minitor IV that never had a vibrate motor? Or is it user...
  6. Deziel0495

    Minitor The next Minitor pager.. VII?

    Thought it might be fun to discuss what the next two-tone voice pager from Motorola may look like, it's features, etc. The current VI was first released back in early 2014. Our department still mainly uses V's but we do have quite a few VI's. The V's are being replaced when EOL but it takes a...
  7. Lakes_Region_Comms

    Motorola Minitor IV Issue

    Hey guys, I just got another Minitor IV, I put it on position C turn it on while holding the reset button, then press it a few more times to go to the "vibrate" test position, on my other IV's, it vibrates, on this one it does not. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Model number...
  8. D

    Minitor V Amplified Charger to 12v Bell

    Hi all, I know this topic has been posted many, many, times before, but much of the information is greatly outdated. Especially in terms of broken links, old info, etc. I am seeking some help that I would really appreciate. I recently just got an amplified charger base for my Minitor V. I am...
  9. K2NEC

    Minitor 5 codeplug

    Is anyone able to share a Minitor 5 codeplug with me? I want to play around with it a little so I can get a feel for the software. From what I have seen, it's nothing like programming radios. Thanks again.
  10. AK4FD

    Lincoln County Fire Tones

    Hi guys & gals, I have compiled a list of the Fire Station tones for Lincoln County Fire agencies. I will begin on working on Catawba County tomorrow. As far as Lincoln County, the tones are Motorola QC-II type. The tone frequencies are in Hz frequencies & I will also list its...
  11. N

    Minitor 6 Reception Issues

    Hello All My department bought 15 Minitor 6s a few months ago. Some were placed in service, and Im now starting to get complaints from members that switched from the M4 and M5 that the M6 has some reception issues. 1 member who lives in town and has a perfect line of sight with the repeater...
  12. D

    Minitor Band Splits

    Hello all... I searched this topic in previous threads, but can not find a firm answer, as there were multiple conflicting responses in years past....... I have several Minitor 4 & 5 pagers that are currently programmed in the 159.000 frequency range. I need to reprogram them to a frequency...
  13. M

    Minitor V tone issue

    Hello everyone. I'm dual toning a pager (minitor V) for a friend who recently joined a fire department on the same dispatch frequency. The tone set is 1901.00 and 765.00 (A-B). I checked the tone options and both are on "User" and none for coding. However when I type these numbers into the...
  14. Firefighter6940

    Minitor V SV knob replacement help!

    I have a minitor V SV, I got a replacement sv knob, forever long ago, and I just got to sitting down to put it off. The cover on my old knob fell off and I lost it. But anyway, I have my minitor open in front of me, I was wondering if any of you guys know how to get the knob off, and put the new...
  15. W

    Question about Minitor in VA

    Hello, Hope I am posting in the right place. I am a Volunteer with Chesterfield Fire and EMS and every now and then when the resources get depleted (ex. Brush Fires...Mutual Aid... Rescues) The ECC will page out a volunteer recall (fire or EMS) problem is the Vol. Firefighters have...
  16. H

    Motorola Minitor V problems

    Does any one else have the same problem with minitor v pagers? I’m on a fire department with about 50 people, and we are sending in 5 pagers a month with the same issue :dispatch pages us, pager tones , and that’s it you don’t hear any thing they say. I did take the pager that I carry now (that...
  17. L

    what is the standard tone code for motorola minitor 5

    what is the standard tone code for motorola minitor 5
  18. M

    Getting Minitor 5 programmed....where?

    I have recently accepted a position as a photojournalist for the midcoast region and I want to get my Minitor 5 programmed professionally for the various fire services. I have scoured the internet and cannot find a local provider of such services. Does anyone know where I could go to have this...
  19. N

    Minitor IV Reprogramming

    I want to buy a used pager and I want to switch the frequencies and alert tones. Are minitor IV's re-programmable in that sense? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  20. T

    Minitor III Issue

    Ive gone through multiple minitor 3's and I am now realizing that something is wrong. Initally i had a minitor 3 that I was reprogramming atleast 2 times a month. After a while it was constantly squelching when on open scan(C Switch). After a while i relized that this was would only happen on...