1. T

    Trying to listen to Minneapolis ARMERS

    Would anyone in this thread know the ARMERS system well enough to help me get a Uniden BCD436hp configured to listen to the Hennepin CO Simulcasts? I bought the DMR upgrade hoping that would help... no luck.
  2. M

    Minneapolis Police Carried on Which Towers?

    Trying to tune into Minneapolis Police from Maple Grove, but it seems like they’re not simulcast the Hennepin County West site. Which control/site would be best to try from Maple Grove to hear MPD talkgroups? Thanks!
  3. A

    Monitoring of ARMER in Blaine MN with BCD996T

    Hello, Relocated to Blaine, MN from Toledo, OH in 2010. Have a BCD996T that worked great on a P25 system in Toledo (MARCS). However, since relocating, I have reprogrammed for Minneapolis and St. Paul and have very hit and miss reception for the public safety freqs (fire, police and EMS). I...
  4. WindsorOntario

    What happened to Minneapolis & St. Paul feeds?

    It was nice to be able to listen to the activity in one of my favourite cities (Minneapolis)...I even downloaded an iPad app so I could listen to it, and now I notice that both the Minneapolis and Saint Paul feeds are gone. Does anyone know what happened? Is there a chance they might be...
  5. M

    mplsradio live feed

    just letting ppl know that i'm broadcasting a live feed in minneapolis/stpaul mn area in Hennepin County, Minnesota Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners click the top one where it says mplsradio on the discription