1. mallarddrake777

    Upgrades and or Mods?

    Good morning and I apologize for any inconvenience as I am new hear....Have been a scanner enthusiast for yrs. Getting back into it and so much has have a (Uniden-BCD-436HP) Hand-Held and Base...And a (Whistler-WS-1040) Hand-Held and Base. I am willing to pay for upgrades? But...
  2. O

    PRO-2005 leaky caps? ...and other questions

    Hi there, Love my 2005! I have shielded it, opened up 800MHz, added diode for speed, replaced the back light, and added 2 USB fans to keep the innards cool. In conjunction with my ST2 antenna on the roof this is a great setup. I noticed there is some residue under some electrolytic caps and...
  3. Danny37

    I got my hands on a baofeng uv-3r mark 2, out of band recieve.

    I got one of these little units for 30 bucks off a friend and its a great little radio. Great for scanning. The only downside is its limited recieve. I wanted to recieve the uhf t band on this radio and after researching and trying numerous amounts of modifications to the setup.ini file I keep...
  4. D

    NEW CBer Cobra 29 nw wx st w/ little wil modding questions

    hi guys im newer to cb i have had 2 for years used them but never knew why i wasnt getting any rx then i got out for a while till i started looking around on the net, anyways i have a uniden pc68ltw and a cobra 25 nw ltd that i am selling because i just got a cobra 29 nw wx st and i am possibly...
  5. S

    VX-3 Mod WANTED to enable TX on 460mhz band, Yaesu

    Modification WANTED to enable Transmit on my Yaesu VX-3 on the 460 mhz band. Any help would be appreciated. If you can send me an ACTUAL LINK to a webpage with the instructions that would be appreciated. I have seen some references that are vague and I can't figure out where they are refering...