motorola cps

  1. jakeschnabel

    Adding Channels Or Zones To HT750?

    Hello All, I al new to the forum here, and hopefully im posting in the right topic area. (I know it’s annoying if its not). I was wondering if anyone knew how easy it would be if possible to make a 4 Channel HT750 flashed/converted to a 16 Channel? Or is it possible to be able to add zones like...
  2. K

    HT1250 Programming for Ham use help

    I may be able to buy a UHF Motorola HT1250-LS and I have access to the programming CPS system to program it. I have tried to program a HT1250-LS for ham frequencies and the best I could do was get the receive to work. I took the radio out of trunking mode, and I set the tones needed for the...
  3. HighlandWireless

    Least expensive Motorola Portable?

    Simple question, lots of answers. What other high quality motorola radio is becoming inexpensive?
  4. T


    Hello all, So I have the version on Moto CPS for the HT1250/750. It also works for my EX600 XLS. I just spent 4 hours entering all the frequencies into the conventional personality (channel information) for my 1250. I want to use the same conventional personality for my EX600 XLS, but I...
  5. A

    San Antonio, TX? Help me program my HT1250

    I recently picked up a few HT1250s and want to clear-out the existing programming. Unfortunately, I've learned that I have to pay a crazy amount to Motorola or pay a local dealer another crazy amount to have them re-programed. I would interested in the purchase the $300 CPS software, but its...
  6. fireboat61

    XTS3000 cps question verbal channel prompt ?

    I am currently using CPS version I worked for a fire department where when we turned on the portable a verbal pre recorded message stated what channel I was on. I am trying to figure out how to do this with my xts3000. I am not sure exactly what this feature is called but an...