motorola programming

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    Motorola XTS2500 Question about Conventional and P25

    I'm very new to this type of stuff and I don't want to make the wrong purchase. I'm looking at purchasing a portable radio such as the Motorola XTS2500 for work. It will be used to monitor channels as well as transmit on a few analog talk around channels and repeaters. I have been reading up on...
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    Programming Peel EMS into CPS for XTS3000

    I am trying to listen to Peel EMS and not sure what site towers I need to program into CPS for it to scan, but if someone could help me that would be great. I have an XTS 3000 VHF
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    I have a xts3500 and I a wondering what I have to use for programming and where do I find it
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    Motorola RIB RLN 4008E help

    I am trying to use a Motorola RIB to program an EX560xls I have the rib box attached to the serial port of my lap to using COM 2 I think. I keep getting an error message that says "An Error has occured in Procedure QueryOptBrdZone : Error 4: Couldn't open port. Confirm Device and RIB are powered...