1. H

    Michigan-MPSCS Database many pending submissions

    I recently submitted talkgroup info for MPSCS and I noticed that after submitting it mentioned pending submissions. Are they submissions for that specific system, or RR database as a whole? it was around 130-160 pending submissions, as I recall.
  2. villlythekid

    Quick Question about MPSCS

    Hello y’all, I am originally from Maryland but will be going up to St. Joseph County, MI for a few weeks. From what I understand, the county sheriff and the municipal PD’s are on another system, but I would want to program the nearest State Police post (which would be MSP Post 54- District 5)...
  3. S

    Re-designing the database (by county)

    As we see and know the future of the entire state gravitating toward the use of MPSCS, I feel it will become increasingly difficult to find all TG's and towers on the HUGE database as it stands right now. Could the administrators and web designers of this website consider breaking down the...
  4. R

    MPSCS Alpha tag scheme

    I've spent hours looking through the forums and wiki and haven't found my answer, so forgive me if this has already been answered and I just haven't found it. I'm from Mississippi, but I'm spending a lot of time in Michigan lately (6 times last year!) and may be moving there. When looking...
  5. billforbush

    BCD996P2 TG Scan

    I'm sure this is a simple issue to resolve but I am SOOOO frustrated. I want to scan only the TGs that I have programmed into the system. No matter what I do, I seem to get any traffic on the system. I am trying to scan a few VHF conventional frequencies and a couple of dozen MPSCS sites and...
  6. W

    Creating Favorites in MPSCS

    I just purchased a Home Patrol 1 and when I enter my Zip Code it finds over 600+ Channels. I only want to monitor Westland, Wayne, Garden City, and Inkster PD and Fire Dept. When I use sentinel and add these cities to my favorite list it looks like it ends up adding the entire MPSCS data base...
  7. N

    BCD536HP: Not stopping on active channel

    I have just purchased a new BCD536 Scanner, I have it set up for location scanning via GPS. All is great and it follows my travels well. One major issue that has me stumped is on MPSCS system in Michigan, Kalamazoo County Sheriff is not encrypted but scanner will not stop on any of there...
  8. J

    Can someone help with information on KALAMAZOO COUNTY SHERIFF radio traffic?

    I'm only hearing bits and pieces of the traffic, I'm just wondering if there is a way to pick it up or if what I'm missing out on is encrypted. I'm scanning with a BCD396XT
  9. K

    Mpscs tgid 3185

    Anyone know what it is? Not listed in database. Why I am asking. Thanks...
  10. 2

    HP-2 vs BCD436HP for MPSCS

    I apologize if this topic has already been addressed but I did not see it anywhere. I am about to purchase a new scanner. I have narrowed it down to either the Uniden HP-2 or BCD436HP. I have been out of scanning for a few years and was looking for some advice. Any input on which unit would...
  11. K

    Uniden HomePatrol-1 Proprietary Channels

    Hi, I am using the Uniden HomePatrol-1. I am using a favorites list to pick up just the channels in my city. The problem that I am having is that my radio isn't picking up any of the channels that list "proprietary" in the channel description. The channels are in the Shiawassee County Law...
  12. K

    Huron Valley Ambulance

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum but have been lurking for a while. I am trying to get access to HVA, specifically their central ops. I am a bit confused on the current status of the system. I am using a pro-96 scanner, and tried to gain access to the Washtenaw county frequencies of MPSCS...
  13. J

    MPSCS Question

    First of all, it's good to be back! I recently moved to the west side north of Grand Rapids and I finally broke out my old BC796D for the first time in a LONG TIME. I am working on programming it up for my new area. This is probably a stupid question, but here it goes -- Regarding the...
  14. walteremrick

    I need help

    I have a BCD396T Uniden and I am trying to use Proscan to upload MPSCS into it. I can retrieve the data but when I attempt to import it I get a message saying I am trying to put two sites into a one site scanner. When I pick only Washtenaw selections I can import them and upload them into my...
  15. K

    pro 106 MPSCS washtenaw county help?

    Hi, Kevin here. I'm 2 weeks in with the pro 106 using the arc500 to program it. I live in washtenaw county and hear nothing but garble, occasionally I'll hear something but not much as it cuts in and out...even tho it shows a strong signal. I have it programed with the right MPSCS P25AUTO...
  16. N

    Homepatrol vs BCD996 XT Programming Software

    I have a dilemma I hope some of you can help me with. I am looking at purchasing a scanner. I am a HAM and have programmed many scanners in my day, however never a trunking scanner with GPS. Here is what I want to do. My goal is a scanner that I will have in my car while I travel all of the...
  17. gsalogar

    MPSCS Radio ID Format

    The MPSCS thread seems mostly for TG ID, sorry if I should have posted this there. I have just started looking at radio ID's (I had overlooked this setting) and I want to see if I have the format figured out: First digit: MPSCS region Next 2 digits: county number (if 00, then a statewide or...
  18. kb8zxe

    MPSCS microwave

    I was bored so I thought that I would try to find out what info there was out there for the MPSCS microwave backbone. It turns out that there is more information on than I know what to do with. I started with the Western U.P. and got a few counties complete. I have no idea if this is...
  19. WU8Y

    Detroit police to dive back into precincts

    From the Free Press, 2 January 2010: I wonder how this move will affect the DPD's talkgroups on the MPSCS. Detroit police to dive back into precincts | | Detroit Free Press
  20. N8RDF

    MPSCS Site RR GPS Data download?

    I used ARC-XT Pro to download the MPSCS System (thank goodness for RR!), but all the sites have the same name and, as far as I can see, no further identifying information. I'd like to put the GPS data for each site in my 996XT, but don't see a way to identify which downloaded site is which...