1. P

    Need help finding Allegan DPW & Water Dept.

    I'm struggling to find Allegan's DPW & Water Dept. channels. I can't tell if they're on the MPSCS system or a conventional channel. The DPW & Water Dept. trucks' antenna looks to be either a Quarter wave 800mhz, or a 5/8th wave UHF. I've looked on the fcc license database and still couldn't find...
  2. K

    Turn XTS into a scanner

    Hello. Hopefully this is the right place for this. So, basically, I am a radio nerd in Michigan and want to listen to MPSCS. I understand that MPSCS is fully P25 phase II capable, but all talkgroups are phase I in every county except Oakland. Making this thread I'm assuming they'll stay phase I...
  3. R

    MPSCS Site Scanning with Whistler WS0198

    My Whistler WS1098 is scanning the MPSCS system in Northern Michigan. I primarily monitor the Oscoda County, MI sites, but other sites in nearby/adjoining counties are programmed as well for when I'm in/near those counties and/or propagation is favorable. I've noticed that several sites/counties...
  4. P

    Allegan County Public Works Talkgroups

    Does anybody know what talkgroup City of Allegan Public Works uses along with all other cities and townships? Can't find them in the database.
  5. P

    List of recently encrypted talkgroups

    Just starting the thread to post all of your talkgroups that you listen to that have recently gone encrypted. These should be used to update the database. Starting off: STATE POLICE - SOUTHWEST REGION C.I.D. TGID: 3053 (District - 5 Statewide C.I.D.) STATUS: Strapped? ALLEGAN COUNTY (03) LAW...
  6. P

    MPSCS Zones?

    Does anyone know what the zones are/cover or have a map of them.
  7. B

    MPSCS system wide scanning

    I have the BCD325P2. I only hear traffic that is near my county but not system wide talkgroups on the MPSCS. I was looking at the Unication G5 pager and I know that is capable but is the SDS100/200?
  8. P

    Is Michigan's Public Safety Communications System Phase I or II?

    I'm VERY confused by all this. The RR Database says phase II, but from what I heard recently that the state uses phase I or most of the state uses phase I. So...what is it?
  9. H

    Michigan State University Active Shooter - possible Suspect with Scanner

    During the tragic active shooting at Michigan State University, police units requested tactical/encrypted channels but were then notified by the dispatcher that interoperability may be compromised since not all units on scene have access to the same encrypted channels. This was becoming a...
  10. p25man123

    Active Shooter at Michigan State University

    I’m hearing several reports of shots fired at MSU at the moment with multiple 911 calls coming in. Communications are being received over at East Lansing/MSU PD Dispatch (MPSCS TGID 139) Active Situation is ongoing. Shooter is using a Handgun. Sources: Active shooter reported at Michigan State...
  11. H

    Michigan-MPSCS Database many pending submissions

    I recently submitted talkgroup info for MPSCS and I noticed that after submitting it mentioned pending submissions. Are they submissions for that specific system, or RR database as a whole? it was around 130-160 pending submissions, as I recall.
  12. villlythekid

    Quick Question about MPSCS

    Hello y’all, I am originally from Maryland but will be going up to St. Joseph County, MI for a few weeks. From what I understand, the county sheriff and the municipal PD’s are on another system, but I would want to program the nearest State Police post (which would be MSP Post 54- District 5)...
  13. S

    Re-designing the database (by county)

    As we see and know the future of the entire state gravitating toward the use of MPSCS, I feel it will become increasingly difficult to find all TG's and towers on the HUGE database as it stands right now. Could the administrators and web designers of this website consider breaking down the...
  14. R

    MPSCS Alpha tag scheme

    I've spent hours looking through the forums and wiki and haven't found my answer, so forgive me if this has already been answered and I just haven't found it. I'm from Mississippi, but I'm spending a lot of time in Michigan lately (6 times last year!) and may be moving there. When looking...
  15. billforbush

    BCD996P2 TG Scan

    I'm sure this is a simple issue to resolve but I am SOOOO frustrated. I want to scan only the TGs that I have programmed into the system. No matter what I do, I seem to get any traffic on the system. I am trying to scan a few VHF conventional frequencies and a couple of dozen MPSCS sites and...
  16. W

    Creating Favorites in MPSCS

    I just purchased a Home Patrol 1 and when I enter my Zip Code it finds over 600+ Channels. I only want to monitor Westland, Wayne, Garden City, and Inkster PD and Fire Dept. When I use sentinel and add these cities to my favorite list it looks like it ends up adding the entire MPSCS data base...
  17. N

    Not stopping on active channel

    I have just purchased a new BCD536 Scanner, I have it set up for location scanning via GPS. All is great and it follows my travels well. One major issue that has me stumped is on MPSCS system in Michigan, Kalamazoo County Sheriff is not encrypted but scanner will not stop on any of there...
  18. J

    Can someone help with information on KALAMAZOO COUNTY SHERIFF radio traffic?

    I'm only hearing bits and pieces of the traffic, I'm just wondering if there is a way to pick it up or if what I'm missing out on is encrypted. I'm scanning with a BCD396XT
  19. K

    Mpscs tgid 3185

    Anyone know what it is? Not listed in database. Why I am asking. Thanks...
  20. 2

    HP-2 vs BCD436HP for MPSCS

    I apologize if this topic has already been addressed but I did not see it anywhere. I am about to purchase a new scanner. I have narrowed it down to either the Uniden HP-2 or BCD436HP. I have been out of scanning for a few years and was looking for some advice. Any input on which unit would...