1. G

    SDS?00 and MPT-1327

    I was wondering what prevents a scanner such as the SDS-100 or SDS-200 from being able to trunk-track MPT-1327 -- is it purely an economic decision, that is, the cost of development versus the cost of perceived income from those who would pay for the feature? Or are there specific technical...
  2. M

    BCD996P2: PSE-MPt-1327

    Puget Sound Energy trunk system is 200 megs and a MPT-1327 How do I program a mpt-1327 into a 996P2?
  3. R

    MPT-1327 decoding

    Hey gang, So I have been browsing around and I found some control and voice channels all in the MPT-1327 mode. I've tried to decode the control channel with Trunk View and no luck. Then, I told Trunk View to use 'stereo mix' and I went to the Sig ID wiki page and listened to an audio sample and...
  4. K

    Central Oregon MPT-1327 system help needed

    I have been trying to figure out an MPT-1327 system that can be heard in Central Oregon. A search of the FCC database shows no licenses on these frequencies anywhere in Oregon so I am hoping someone can help me figure this system out. I am using TrunkView to monitor the two control channels I...
  5. K

    Puget Sound Energy MPT-1327 Trunked System

    Hello all - I have been using trunkview to monitor PSE's newer trunked system that uses 217.50625 to 217.99375 MHz. The FCC license is WQMZ553 which also authorizes the use of 219.50625 to 219.99375 MHz. I have logged five control channels and quite a few voice channels also. I have also...
  6. kd7rto

    Mapping the UP&L MPT-1327 Network

    I've been getting familiar with the Trunkview program, now it's doing a flawless job tracking UP&L with my IC-R8500. Many other radios are also supported, and it can be configured to follow MPT-1327 conversations in either a one radio or a two radio (control/voice) setup. One nice thing to...