1. R

    Can DMR TDMA work on murs?

    Hi all, I had this question for a while now. And I just gotten myself a DMR radio and another one that is on the way. Will it be possible to send voice from the radio to murs without being licensed? Or do I have to get a license to transmit on the murs band? What’s the difference between tier 1...
  2. A

    Snowmobiler Looking for Answers

    Hello, I am new to this site and I'm hoping to learn some valuable knowledge. I've noticed many Backcountry snowmobilers using Baofeng and BCA radios. I assume most are using these illegally, so I am trying to go about this issue the correct(legal) way. Currently my Group is using...
  3. CopperWhopper67

    Channel Table for Walmart RDM2070D

    This radio has a 7 channel capacity, andthe first 5 are MURS. What are the other two? Thanks
  4. C

    A frequency and radio question

    Ok here's the deal I have a small paintball, airsoft store and field i need a radio that I can use for the store and field now the question is what's a good frequency bank to use? We travel to some large games and at those games the teams use GMRS and FRS and I don't want to have my stuff on...
  5. Allan_Love_Jr


    Anyone in the nebraska talk on murs frequency's? Thanks.
  6. I

    MURS in Canada: Looking for Info

    I'm looking for any info on any recent updates or rumours or anything that someone had heard regarding the post June 2014 Industry Canada reversal of its decision to implement MURS in Canada. Any new info would be great to hear!
  7. K

    Building a GMRS repeater from two M-1225 mobiles

    hi everybody, just was wondering when i go into the external accessories to do "the pin locations" what profile works the best for the cheap interface cables you can get from Ebay..? right now i have it set as "General I/O" "Power -up Delay as 0.5...
  8. VE1GAT

    Frugal handheld GMRS MURS HAM Marine

    information & experiences with UV5R, BF888, counterfeits, antennas NA771 index radio programming with CHirp also covered with several packs to download.
  9. P

    HT600 Beginner Help

    I recently purchased 3 Motorola HT600's off of eBay. I have a computer running DOS for the programming along with the software and the proper serial cables. I am just started learning about these radios and Im trying to figure out what kind of license I need to legally operate them and what...
  10. K

    My wishlist for seperate GMRS and MURS transceivers, with a seperate scanner section.

    Take a look at the following link: :: Uniden Australia :: That's a remote head mobile UHF CB transceiver with a seperate 60 channel 400-512 MHz scanning receiver, in one case, that Uniden manufactured for the Australian market. I would like to see Uniden or Whistler (or almost anyone else)...
  11. R

    small VHF antenna for pocket device

    Anybody has an idea how to make or buy a MURS antenna,151-155 MHz, for a small pocket transceiver that should transmit up to 1W. The stub antennas are pretty bad when held close to the body. Maybe some kind of patch or ferrite antenna will do better.
  12. G

    MURS Assistance Needed

    I know that MURS radios cannot exceed 2 watts. They cost about $175+. I have found a Two-Way radio that is User-Programmable that I can program to that frequency/frequencies. But, its 5 watts, when I program it will it go down to 2 watts or can I use it? Just trying to save money! (These are...
  13. TennFordTN

    FRS or MURS?

    I'm new to these forums and recently new to the radio waves but I have a question. MURS or FRS? I own a little more than 100 acres of half-flat, half-hill property with extensive amount of trees and hills. My family and I, and sometimes friends, use this property (or as we call it, the "farm")...
  14. R

    Quick Question about CB Range

    Hey! This is actually my first post on I am glad that I finally signed up as I have read many posts that were helpful before, but I have a question that is sort of unique. I was hoping to find a radio service that doesn't requre a license that will reliably communicate 5.5...
  15. E

    First-time owner with BDC296XT - GMRS FRS Question

    I am a first-time scanner owner. I recently purchased a BCD396XT (sorry for the typo in the title) with a Watson SMA-881 Super Gainer. I am using ARC-XT Pro and RR to program and so far everything is going great. I live on the 17th floor in a condo so I am getting pretty good coverage on...
  16. D

    The Great Unofficial Radioreference FRS/GMRS/MURS Fact Sheet

    The Great Unofficial Radioreference FRS/GMRS/MURS All-Inclusive Fact Sheet Hoookay. For what it's worth, here is a (rather messy) compilation of some of the most frequently-requested information on these boards regarding operation of the part-95 family/general mobile/multi use radio services...
  17. Mtnrider

    Hudson Valley 151.940 DPL 125

    Anyone have a clue whom these genius's are? seem to be running a rather high powered repeater/Base set up...
  18. M

    HT 1250 TX power for MURS

    Hello Anybody here have any experience with tuning down the power wattage for the transmitter so one can "legally" use an HT1250 on the multi use radio channels. I'm aware the radio does not meet the exact MURS specifics but it seems to be that if the radio can be tuned to meet the standards...
  19. M

    GMRS or eXRS or MURS?

    This is my first post and I am totally new to all of this and I have this question. I'm involved in emergency management in a town that is approx. 1 sq mile. We had a situation where we lost all contact with the stakeholders of the town except for the police/ems/emergency management...
  20. greedo23

    Automated voice on MURS CH1

    Driving into work this morning I heard an automated voice on MURS CH 1 that said, "Alert. Zone one." It repeated the phrase three times and then stopped transmitting. Two minutes later the same thing happened. Nothing after that. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is it a fire/intrusion...