1. stantorres

    Don't take my BC780 away

    I have a BC780XLT with a discriminator tap which has been great for DSDplus, and it is a great MilAir receiver. Love this radio more than many of my newer scanners. I can't enter any of my local 700mhz P-25 freqs (out of range). Some new digital systems in my area are on those new narrowband...
  2. E

    Kenwood TK 790/890 problem

    I have a dual band single head setup with a 790/890. Everything works great on the VHF side however I cannot receive on the UHF channels unless I put it into monitor. I know the PLs are correct and I have adjusted the open and tight squelch settings as discussed on these forums any thing else...
  3. S

    Help plz etech Im 101

    I can not find programming cord or software for the etech Im 101 mobile VHF radios I'm on a fire dept and the guy that has been doing the programming on this left dept So I need this cord and software do I can get them narrow banded we are using Handhelds in trucks so any help would be great...
  4. M

    PSR-800 and Narrowbanding

    Is there anything I can do to improve the audio of a narrowband signal. Our Sheriff's Department went to narrowband. The signal is good but it sounds all digitized and is often difficult to understand. Thank you.
  5. GTR8000

    Chicago Granted a 2 Year Narrowbanding Wavier by FCC

    The city applied for an 2 year narrowbanding waiver in May, which was granted by the FCC. The waiver affects numerous VHF and UHF frequencies throughout the city used by Medical response teams, Street and Sanitation, and VHF conventional stand-alone systems. They now have until January 1, 2015...
  6. GTR8000

    Philadelphia Granted a 13 Month Narrowbanding Wavier by FCC

    The city applied for an 18 month extension to the narrowbanding deadline in September, and was granted 13 months. The waiver affects numerous VHF and UHF frequencies throughout the city. They now have until February 1, 2014 to narrowband the affected frequencies. The full text of the waiver...
  7. GTR8000

    NYC Granted Significant Narrowbanding Waiver by FCC

    Well, it looks like the FDNY VHF frequencies will be around for a while after all. The FCC has granted the city a rather significant last minute waiver for numerous VHF and UHF frequencies used by FDNY, NYPD, DOC and DEP. FDNY - The VHF frequencies in the 153/154 MHz range were granted a two...
  8. Mtnrider

    narrowbanded and still has wideband emissions

    Some of my license's still have the wideband emission on the along with the i have to remover the wideband ones before the end of year?
  9. drdispatch

    Counties bordering Indiana

    For those of you who live in counties bordering Indiana, be aware that Sprint has notified the regional planning committee that it intends to begin wideband CDMA operations on the old NPSPAC channels (I-CALL & I-TAC 1-4) sometime after October 22, 2012. There should be no impact on the MPSCS...
  10. J

    Pro - 137 Race Scanner Narrowband capable??

    I have a radio Shack Pro-137 Race Scanner that works excellent as a regular scanner. my question is when the narrowbanding takes effect on Jan 1st 2013 will this scanner still work? Is it narrow band capable? I have searched and found nothing. Any Information would be greatly appreciated!!
  11. kc8mln

    Narrowband question about how it works

    I know that the change from 25 to 12.5 is what narrowbanding is all about, but what is that in terms of? Say we use a given frequency of 462.725 (repeater output) and a standard offset of +5Mhz for a repeater input of 467.725 When narrowbanding is completed on the repeater will a radio that...
  12. kc8mln

    EF Johnson Challenger Narrowbanding compadable?

    Does anyone know if the EF Johnson Challenger series of mobile radios are narrowband capable?
  13. kc8mln

    Fairfield County Narrowbanding Updates

    Does anyone have any updates on the narrowbanding for the Fairfield County area for the public safety frequencies? ...I know that all VHF & UHF public safety/service has to be narrowbanded, so any updates to the narrowbanding for the Fairfield County area would be appreciated in this thread.
  14. kc8mln

    Motorola Narrowbanding capable radio list?

    Does anyone have a complete list of which radios (both mobiles, handhelds and repeaters) that WILL be capable and will NOT be capable of narrowbandiing? I have heard people make mention of the dates when the radios were made, but what I'm looking for is an actual list of which radios ARE and...
  15. kc8mln

    Will narrowbanding effect GMRS?

    I am aware of the FCC mandate for narrowbanding of the VHF & UHF public safety/service bands, but will the mandate also apply to require narrowbanding of the GMRS or is GMRS exempt from the narrowbanding requirement?
  16. kc8mln

    Will narrowbanding effect ham radio?

    I am a ham op and also on our local FD, so I know that our county has to comply with the FCC mandate for narrowbanding of all public safety/service frequencies in the VHF & UHF bands, but will the narrowbanding mandate effect the 2-meter VHF and 440-UHF amateur bands in any way? (ie, will...
  17. N

    FCC Extends Jan 2011 Interim Part 90 Narrowbanding Dates

    Acting on a Petition from the NPSTC, the FCC on June 30th extended certain 2011 Interim Part 90 LMR Narrowbanding dates to Jan 1, 2013. Full details can be viewed here:
  18. N

    FCC Extends Jan 2011 Interim Part 90 Narrowbanding Dates

    See for details or, visit FCC Part 90 VHF UHF Narrowbanding Info, Resources, Compliance Updates - for additional up-dated information.
  19. N

    Narrowbanding Updates, Info, & Licensee Resource Site

    With less than 32 months till the FCC's Part 90 LMR VHF/UHF Narrowbanding Mandate is due to take affect, will your dispatch, paging, SCADA, or data radio system be ready? Visit FCC Narrowbanding Updates for Part 90 VHF UHF LMR Dispatch Two Way Radio Licensees - for accurate...
  20. W

    Senior Center: We have issues!

    I'm an administrator of a municipal senior center. We have a fleet of six vans for transporting elderly folks. Each van is equipped with two-way radios. We also have one base unit and a repeater. The radios are all either: Kenwood TK862HG-1; Kenwood TK862G; Vertex FTL-7011; or Standard GX3000...