1. G

    Race Headsets

    What is everyone using for race headsets? I am looking to get a new headset for the races this year, my old radio shack ones are wore out. What do you use and like? I am considering a spotter type headset so I can use my portable HT and communicate with my wife with the headset on at the...
  2. edweirdFL

    Speedweeks Daytona 2021

    Speedweeks are underway this year in Daytona Beach and here's where posts concerning Daytona International Speedway during this time can be made. Keep in mind that posts about the race teams and sanctioning bodies that move from venue to venue are directed to the Sports and Recreational Events...
  3. R

    SDS100 NASCAR Sentinel .HPE file

    Has anyone downloaded the Nascar frequencies into a favorites file for the Sentinel Software, or how do you edit the favorites in sentinel to manually enter the information?
  4. edweirdFL

    Scanning the 2020 Daytona 500, Thunderbirds fly over, and Presidential visit

    So far I've heard the Thunderbirds flying overhead on Thursday which was media day when they took 2 of the NASCAR series drivers up with them. I didn't capture any traffic on 235.250, 149.650, or 141.175. Today (Friday) I've heard two brief voice transmissions on 235.250 that sounded right...
  5. F

    BCD396XT: Enter a specific channel and hold on it

    How would you enter a specific channel and hold on it? Going to NASCAR this weekend and i will purchase the updated channel listing for the race upon my arrival . Will not have my computer available to do any updates. I would like to just be able to enter a channel and hold on it. Been...
  6. edweirdFL

    SDS200: Scanning the 2019 Daytona 500

    A new Uniden SDS200 recently arrived at my home and I used it to scan for a number of signals during the days surrounding the Daytona 500 race. From my location about 6 air miles distant from the track I was able to hear the spotters for the race teams who were located on the roof of the...
  7. edweirdFL

    2019 Daytona 500

    From my location outside the track I can often hear the spotters on the roof of the grandstands, and sometimes the cars when they are up on the high banks. Here's what I caught during the Gander RV Duel at Daytona 1 this evening. This along with the second Duel race sets the field (other than...
  8. chris8video

    My 5 favorite scanners....

    Getting ready for the Daytona 500, so it's time to make sure my NASCAR scanners,3, Uniden SC-230s, are ready to go. So what better time for a picture wth the old BCD-398xt and new SDS100 flanking them. Too bad my BCD325p2 is sitting in my office.
  9. I

    Advice for Nascar fan

    After renting a scanner at the Nascar race last weekend, it is time to purchase my own. I am looking at the BC75XLT. One nice feature on the rented scanner was the simple way to switch between drivers - press car, enter the car's number and press car. With 10 banks of 30 numbers, I am...
  10. K

    NASCAR DMR (Mototrbo) Frequencies

    Has anyone found the DMR frequencies that NASCAR is using on their Mototrbo radios? For the racing events they simulcast their control channel on two analog frequencies, however, I was wondering if anyone has found and monitored their digital frequencies.
  11. C

    can find my manual think it is prefix 318z

    Just got first scanner given to me. Think it is a bc318z but cant find this prefix anywhere. need help. it is a uniden trunktrackerIII has bearcat and nascar symbols on it. serial number starts with 318z. trying to find a manual for it. any help would be great
  12. D

    NASCAR Frequencies for Import

    I have a Radio Shack Pro18 that I would like to add the driver frequencies and NASCAR frequencies. I cannot seem to find them in the database to import them. Are the frequencies in the database and if so where? I know I can manually input the frequencies but there are quite a few of them...
  13. R

    NASCAR scan list PSR Edit for Pro-106

    Does anyone have a PSR Edit .bin file for the NASCAR teams they would be willing to share with me? I found the Freq list for NASCAR and track on, but I'm not sure where things need to go in the file. Thanks in advance! Roger
  14. I

    New Hampshire International Speedway

    Used during the Sylvania 300 NASCAR race on 9/22/2013 123.025 "Race Control" Helicopter Ops (takeoff, landing & area) Not previously published Clarification: 464.400 Track cleanup crews (after accidents) This is in addition to most of what is already published.
  15. chaddiesel

    Eldora NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Frequencies

    My wife and I are heading to Eldora Wednesday for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race. Does anyone have any recommendations on sites with up-to-date frequencies? I've used Jayski before, but the field changes so much from race-to-race, they don't have several of the drivers listed. I...
  16. T

    NASCAR: SC230 Priority Scanning question

    Posted this in the Uniden Scanners forum and didn't get a response so I'm hoping maybe somebody checking here could help me: Hey all--getting ready for racing at Kansas Speedway in a couple weeks and I picked up a SC230 over the holidays to really get serious. It replaces my old Uniden BC95XT...
  17. T

    SC230 Race System Priority Scanning Question

    Hey all--getting ready for racing at Kansas Speedway in a couple weeks and I picked up a SC230 over the holidays to really get serious. It replaces my old Uniden BC95XT. I've spent a few months loading both racing and conventional systems on it and both work fantastic. So now, I'm getting it...
  18. factorone

    Kansas Speedway Track Frequencies

    Hey guys, I work at the Kansas Speedway under Fire & Rescue, and found a sheet in our compound one day with a bunch of frequencies on it--turns out, it's the programming assignment for the radios at KS Speedway for fire, security, race control, etc. Here's a breakdown for you: 1 - 451.9250 -...
  19. C

    BC346XT and NASCAR

    Hi Folks, For Christmas my wife purchased 2 scanners, 1-Uniden SC230 and 1-Uniden BC346XT for us to use when we travel to Las Vegas for the race(s). The SC230 is for her and she thought I would enjoy the BC for other things than just racing with all the options it has. We have never owned...