SC230 Race System Priority Scanning Question

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Dec 26, 2011
Shawnee, KS
Hey all--getting ready for racing at Kansas Speedway in a couple weeks and I picked up a SC230 over the holidays to really get serious. It replaces my old Uniden BC95XT. I've spent a few months loading both racing and conventional systems on it and both work fantastic.

So now, I'm getting it really dialed in for the race weekend setting up drivers/officials/media in the group channels and I have all the priority channels set to go.

My Groups Setup:
Groups 1-5: Various favorite drivers that I can turn on and off
Group 6 contains the rest of the field
Group 7 is NASCAR officials
Group 8 is TV
Group 9 is MRN (radio broadcast)

A few of the drivers, NASCAR, and MRN have priority channels. I had a similar setup on the BC95 in a banks setup. The goal is if there is no driver traffic the scanner will sit on MRN or TV (constant feeds) and the scanner is set to priority mode to check those other priority channels every 2 seconds and back to MRN if there is no traffic.

So my problem is this--the scanner is taking at least 3-4 seconds to check the other priority channels. Then its back to MRN for only 2 seconds. Its only scanning about 5 frequencies--it shouldn't take more than a 1/4 of a second to scan those priority frequencies. The BC95 scanning in priority mode was only a hiccup of a scan to check the other frequencies. All my conventional systems are turned off and I'm only operating via the one race system. It also takes just as long when using the Priority Plus feature. That's the part that surprises me even more.

Can anybody help me on what I'm missing? I've got the scanner setup perfect, but its all for not if I can't do the priority scanning efficiently.


Not open for further replies.