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    Recommendations for best scanner

    Hello. I have been reading through the forums but figure I will ask my question. I have been listening to scanners since I was 15 (now 48.) I have been using a Radio Shack Pro 43 but finding it doesn’t catch too much. I am looking to upgrade but not sure best option. I want to pick up the...
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    Advice needed with listening to DMR

    Hello! I am fairly new to the world of radios. I have used an analog radio for a little while, and I feel comfortable with it. Recently, I decided to get into digital radio, so I purchased a Baofeng DM-5R. I have realized that listening to digital radio is much trickier than analog radio;). I...
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    Need help with digital and CTCSS/DPL tones

    Hello! I am new to the radio community and am looking for some help. I just purchased a Baofeng UV-5R radio and had some questions about how to listen to some channels. I live in the Bentonville, Arkansas area, so any frequencies I refer to can be found on the website here. After playing with...
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    Kent County Newbie needs advice

    OK, I'm an idiot, right? I need some advice so, please forgive me. I have a Uniden BCD536HP. I have it set up and I have the Sentinel software on my PC. I updated the firmware and the database of frequencies on the SD card in the radio. OK, here's my question: How do I (easily?) create...
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    Location Based Scanning

    Hi dear friends of the forum. Before all, I'll like to say that I'm a totally newbie at this, so, maybe it's possible that my asking and conclusions might be wrong. Sorry for that. I always be captivate by radio things, and now, maybe I have some more time to dedicate to this and I decide to...
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    Complete Newbie

    Ok, I'm a complete newbie, beyond newbie in fact. I'll be completely honest I don't know what half these letters stand for and I am beyond confused. So... I would really like some help finding a radio. I want to be able to listen to pretty much anything, not broadcast, just listen. I would like...
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    Franklin County / Columbus Configuration

    What is the recommended Site / Group / Option configuration for Freescan to monitor in Franklin County. I have a BCD396XT Scanner. I'm interested in CPD, FSO, Car to Car, and the personal Radios. For Trunking Sites there's: Bixby Columbus City Columbus MARCS Darby Discovery Franklin...
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    Sound equipment question

    Hello. I am a complete noob when it comes to electronics. Recently I got a shortwave radio with plug for headphones. I have had fun with trying to find various international stations (I think this is called DXing) and other sounds. The radio is pretty simple and the sound isn't great. I find a...
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    Whistler WS1010

    Hello, I would like a police scanner. On Amazon I can see that the Baofeng and the Uniden are popular. I have also come across the Whistler WS1010, but that one doesn't have a lot of reviews. Is the WS1010 a decent buy as a first scanner? One complaint that I see about the Baofeng and the...
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    New to This and a Bit Confused

    Hey all, first of all, very cool to be a part of all this. A friend of mine gave me a scanner as they were moving and didn't see a reason to keep it. After the initial wonder wore off, I started playing around with it, trying different bands and frequencies listed on pages in this wiki, as well...
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    County Not listed at RadioReference

    Hi, Newbie in Gilchrist County, FL. Near High Springs, Ginnie Springs, etc...Gilchrist county just purchased and set up an emergency radio tower within 1/4 mile of my house. There's also a medical helicopter pad across the road...I'd like to be able to scan these, but RadioReference has no...
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    I have an older Radio Shack scanner that no longer picks up my local police and sherriff departments as they have all gone digital, APCO25. I am looking to purchase a new scanner that will receive them again. My question is, which one is best out there right now? I'm not new to programming, but...
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    My radioshack Pro 2054 problem

    im new to this sire and this is my first in need of some help. I Installed my radioshack pro -2054 scanner in my truck. it works fine other than when i have the truck running i get alot of feedback through the scanner. i thought that it would have something to do with the ground but i...
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    COM Port??

    Could someone help me install a virtual COM port i went here but it doesn't work TS-590S/TH-D72A/E Virtual COM Port Driver and i dont know where else to go when i plug in my USB with a 2 ended prong into my radio it says "No driver could be found" i dont know what to do please help! Thanks
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    Programing Opitions?!

    I have a few questions im trying to program a radio and i have all these options and i was wondering if some one could maybe give me a short definition of what each means. Please see the attached PIC. Many thanks anything will help! Also i dont think this is the best software to program this...
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    BCD996T Usage question

    I just recently started using a BCD996T (I'm very new to the hobby) and have it all programmed and scanning nicely. My question is, when I put the 996 into search mode to search through a frequency band, say custom10 or custom3, how do I go back to scanning mode and stop searching custom10 or...
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    Yupiteru MVT7100: help needed, please

    Forgive me if this is the wrong question in the wrong place; please forgive a newbie. I do not know how to get my MVT7100 to listen and scan where I want, even if I use the "Owners Guide" by N2MCA. I suspect that most of it is because I do not understand what the lables mean. Can someone please...
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    Forsyth County P25 System Newbie

    I am brand new to scanning and have a few questions. I just purchased my first scanner, a Uniden BC246T. While reading a lot of forums and the user manual as well as a lot of information on this site I found the system type in Forsyth is a Project 25 Phase I (FDMA). Forsyth County Public...
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    Newbie wants to know?

    Hi i'm completely new to the whole GMRS thing and wanted some info. I just applies and paid for my GMRS license on the FCC website (very easy). Now what do i do, there is a lot of chatter on a lot of channels and i'm not trying to hog anybody's airspace or stumble on any police frequencies. I...
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    Newbie here

    I am in the Charleston area and just got a RS Pro164. I also have Win97. Is there a place that I can get some more detailed info on usingWin97? It is quite lacking.. I guess I need some basic scanner 101 --